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Introducing FastCopy – the quickest way to copy and delete files on Windows! With FastCopy, you can effortlessly handle files with long names or special characters. Plus, it’s super smart – it knows when to use multiple threads for different hard drives and when to use big buffers for the same drive. This means lightning-fast performance without slowing down your other apps. You can even set filters to include or exclude specific files easily. And guess what? It’s light on your system because it’s built with Win32 API, not bulky MFC. Ready to speed up your file transfers? Download FastCopy now!

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Features of FastCopy Full

One of the standout features of FastCopy is its support for UNICODE and file pathnames exceeding the MAX_PATH limit of 260 characters. This means that you can seamlessly handle files with non-English characters and extremely long paths without any hiccups. No more file path limitations holding you back!

FastCopy achieves its remarkable speed by utilizing multi-threads for read/write/verify operations. It takes advantage of techniques like Overlapped I/O and Direct I/O, which allow for parallel processing and minimize bottlenecks, ensuring the best possible speed for your devices. Whether you’re working with traditional hard drives or lightning-fast solid-state drives (SSDs), FastCopy optimizes the data transfer process to deliver exceptional performance.

Another notable feature of FastCopy is its support for include/exclude filters, akin to UNIX wildcards. This functionality enables you to define specific file patterns or extensions that should be included or excluded during the copying or backup process. It gives you granular control over the files you want to work with, saving you time and effort.

One of the key advantages of FastCopy is its ability to run fast while keeping resource usage to a minimum. This is achieved by the software’s design philosophy. FastCopy is built using the Win32 API and C Runtime, without relying on the resource-heavy MFC (Microsoft Foundation Classes) framework. By utilizing these lightweight components, FastCopy ensures efficient utilization of system resources, allowing you to carry out your file operations without experiencing any significant slowdowns.

Whether you’re a professional managing large-scale data backups or an everyday user needing to copy files between drives, FastCopy provides a powerful and user-friendly solution. Its emphasis on speed, support for long file pathnames and UNICODE, inclusion/exclusion filters, and efficient resource usage make it the go-to choice for Windows users seeking reliable and fast copy/backup software.

In conclusion, FastCopy stands as the fastest copy/backup software available on the Windows platform. Its utilization of multi-threading, support for UNICODE and long pathnames, inclusion/exclusion filters, and efficient resource management sets it apart from other alternatives. With FastCopy, you can enjoy blazing-fast file transfers without compromising on performance or compatibility. Experience the speed and efficiency of FastCopy today and streamline your file management tasks on Windows.

File Name: FastCopy Pro v5.7.14
Developer: Homepage
License: Freeware / Shareware
Language: English
OS: Windows

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FastCopy Free 5.7.14 | 32/64-bit | File Size: 4 MB
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FastCopy Pro 5.7.14 | 32/64-bit | File Size: 5 MB
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Portable FastCopy Pro 5.7.14 | 32/64-bit | File Size: 2 MB
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