Wing IDE Professional Beta (Win/macOS/Linux)

Wingware Wing IDE Professional Free Download

Download Wing IDE Professional from our software library for free. This is a full-featured Python IDE designed for professional programmers. It includes powerful editor, code intelligence, refactoring, debugging, search, unit testing, project management, and revision control features. The Wing IDE layout is straightforward, with the editor window being its central fixture. Supporting panes, source browser, runtime output and debug panes and so on, are arranged on the periphery.

In the lower right is the eminently useful Source Assistant pane, the Wing IDE’s answer to call tips. Begin typing, say, a function call, and the prototype and docstrings information for the corresponding functions are displayed in the Source Assistant. Continue typing, and the likely matches are appropriately reduced. Also, when you click a function name anywhere in the editor (whether at a definition point or a reference point), the function’s information is displayed in the Source Assistant. If you select a method, and that method has overridden a parent class method, the Source Assistant displays a clickable link for the location of the overridden method.

Wingware’s debugger is highly configurable. For example, you can set the debugger to stop when an exception is raised, but before the except or finally clauses have run; or you can configure the debugger to let those clauses run and then halt execution. Also, you can configure the debugger’s watch system to display an object’s content only when that object is in context, or hold a reference to the object and show its contents regardless of the current context.

The debugger can handle multithreaded applications, when debugging the target application is halted by, say, a breakpoint, by default the debugger stops all threads and indicates which thread caused the suspension. However, this is configurable so that, if one thread hits a breakpoint, the others can continue to run. You can also download DiskBoss Enterprise

Wing IDE Pro 6 Full Version

Features of Wing IDE Professional Full

  • Unit Testing
  • Execute tests and view results
  • Debug tests
  • Supports unittest style tests
  • Supports doctest style tests
  • Supports nose style tests
  • Supports Django tests
  • Copy result summary to clipboard
  • Revision Control
  • Subversion integration
  • CVS integration
  • Mercurial integration
  • Bazaar integration
  • Git integration
  • Perforce integration
  • Diff/Merge tool
  • Search Interfaces
  • Basic search
  • Toolbar quick search
  • Search in Selection
  • Keyboard-driven mini-search
  • Project-wide search
  • Regex and wild card search
  • Search Wing IDE documentation
  • Search on disk
Title: Wing IDE Professional Beta
Developer: Wingware
License: Shareware
Language: Multilingual
OS: Windows/ macOS/ Linux

Download Wingware Wing IDE Pro for PC

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Wing IDE Professional Beta | Lin64 | File Size: 102 MB
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