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Upscen Database Workbench Pro is a comprehensive software solution that offers a single environment for developing multiple types of database engines. The software allows you to connect to one or multiple database servers at the same time, then create structures, insert tables and fill in the fields with the required data.

Features of Database Workbench Pro

Data Model Design
• Design and develop from a single conceptual data model to the different DBMS specific physical models.
• Reverse engineer existing databases to print graphical overviews.
• Create sub-diagrams for clarity in complex databases, to group tables related to specific functionality.

Visual Object Editors and Modern Code Editors
• Create and modify databases objects in graphical editors, no need to remember specific SQL syntax.
• The editors allow you to easily create database objects, copy DDL statements, duplicate objects, browse data and much more.
• Across different DBMS-modules, Database Workbench has a consistent user interface and offers modern code editor features.

Stored Routine Debugging
• Debug Stored Procedures, Stored Functions, Packages and Triggers in your database.
• Execute a routine step by step and use “trace into” to see what’s going on.

Productivity Tools
Many productivity tools are available:
• Two-Way Visual Query Builder
• SQL and Parameter Insight
• Code and SQL Catalogs
• Object and Code Templates
• Drag and Drop Objects

Database Compare and Migration
• Compare development with production databases and get a “change script”.
• Compare databases, even across different database systems, with automatic data type and default function mapping.
• Migrate meta data structures from one database system to another.

Transfer, import and export data
• Database Workbench includes a datapump tool to quickly transfer data between databases and even any ODBC or ADO data source.
• You can also import and export data, including but not limited to, CSV files. Large files (over 2GB) are supported.

Database Workbench Full

Title: Upscen Database Workbench Pro v5.3.2.176
Developer: Upscene Productions
License: Shareware
Language: English
OS: Windows

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