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Resource Tuner

Resource Tuner is a powerful Windows software developed by Heaventools that lets you easily view, edit, and customize the visual elements of any executable file. Whether it’s icons, images, sounds, or dialog messages, you can change them to suit your style without needing the source code. Perfect for translators, tweakers, and those who love personalizing their apps, Resource Tuner makes it simple to add your own branding or modify toolbar actions. It’s user-friendly and opens up exciting possibilities even if you’re not a programmer. Try Resource Tuner today and give your Windows programs a fresh new look!

Resource Tuner is about the only tool you would probably trust to modify resources in a PE executable. Discover the unique features of this Resource Editor, including how to open problem executable files and edit the hidden data that the other editors simply cannot see, a wide range of supported resource types, UPX unpacker, and more. You will learn the industry standard program for translating and customizing the user interface.

Resource Tuner is packed with features that make it an essential tool for anyone tweaking another program. Have fun personalizing any application to your own unique taste. With the powerful Resource Tuner, you no longer need to suffer with ugly default icons and pictures. The usage is very simple, just run the program and then select the EXE or DLL file to read the data from. Once you try it, we think you will find it hard to go back to other resource-hacking utilities.

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Features of Heaventools Resource Tuner Full

  • Have a fast Resource Viewer to browse resources of all types
  • Rebrand your applications by replacing icons and logos
  • Customize GUI elements of your favorite Windows programs
  • Translate third-party applications
  • Scan the directories and drives on your computer for hidden resources
  • Extract images, icons, sounds, animations
  • Make legacy applications use the new look of Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10
  • Tell Windows to run your application with administrative privileges
  • Open UPX-compressed files seamlessly in Resource Editor, without long workarounds

Customize Your Favorite Windows Programs
Longing to have a personal touch on your favorite application? No matter where it runs – whether on your PC or your Pocket PC, on your Mobile Phone, or XBox, it is still a Windows program. What better way than with Resource Tuner, a resource editing solution you can use now? Quick and easy access to all the resources that are normally inaccessible allows you to completely customize any program you own.

Disappointed by older applications using the outdated “chiseled 3D” look, rather than the new Vista look? Resource Tuner’s Manifest Wizard provides a quick fix. Bring your pre-XP legacy programs back to the future, blessing them instantly with a new look. Resource Tuner makes it straightforward to translate any application, even if you do not have the source code for it, even if its original developers are long gone. Simply replace all text resources with their translated versions, and resize forms and buttons to fit the translated text as needed. No programming skills are required!

More Options For Power Users
Resource Tuner is a PE Explorer spin-off product that is used solely to edit resources in Windows programs. PE Explorer is the choice for anyone looking for more. Includes a Resource Editor, Section Editor, Disassembler, Dependency Scanner, and an Export/Import Viewer.

File Name: Heaventools Resource Tuner 2.24 + Portable
Developer: Homepage
License: Shareware
Language: Multilingual
OS: Windows

Download Resource Tuner for Windows

Resource Tuner 2.24 | File Size: 7 MB
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Portable Resource Tuner 2.24 | File Size: 5 MB
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