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Xara Designer Pro X

Xara Designer Pro X is a powerful software program that lets you adjust and create vector drawings, web graphics, photo composition and even Flash animations.

The design of the UI is modern and looks a bit complicated. In order to use this program properly, certain prior experience with a similar app might be needed. If you do not possess such knowledge, then you can always access the extensive Help contents that the developers provide. The application offers everything from the usual written Help contents, to online video tutorials, daily tips, online forums and workshops.

Features of Xara Designer Pro X Final

• One Integrated Program;
• Speed;
• Direct Action Tools;
• Easy Drag & Drop;
• Infinite Undo / Redo;
• Zoom up to 25,000%;
• Top Quality Screen Display;
• Solid Object Editing;
• The Update Service;

All the Design Tools You Need:
• Text Handling;
• Page Layout;
• Drawing Tools;
• 3D Extrude;
• Blends;
• Transparency & Feathering;
• Live Effects;
• Shadows, Bevels & Contours;
• Revolutionary Photo Handling;
• Fast, non-destructive photo handling;
• Integrated Photo Tool;
• Advanced Photo Manipulation;
• Photo Panoramas;
• Intelligent Scaling;
• Creative Effects;

Web Graphics, Web Pages & Websites:
• HTML Website Creation;
• Total Design Freedom;
• Clever Stuff;
• Mobile Friendly Sites;
• Supersites;
• Remote Online Editing;
• Animation Effects;
• Presentations;
• Web Widgets;
• Compatibility;

Compatibility With Industry Standards:
• Import & Export;
• PSD Support;
• PDF Support;
• Color Separation Support.

Title: Xara Designer Pro X365 v12.8.0.50771
Developer: Xara Group Ltd.
License: ShareWare
Language: English
OS: Windows Vista/7/8/10.

Download Xara Designer Pro X x32 (132 MB) :
Dailyuploads | Direct Link | Userscloud

Download Xara Designer Pro X x64 (154 MB) :
Dailyuploads | Direct Link | Userscloud

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