WirelessMon 4.0.0 Build 1009 +

WirelessMon 4.0.0 Build 1009 +
WirelessMon is a network information tool that allows you to get detailed information about the wireless networks detected in your area. You can use the program to make an informed selection
when you can choose between multiple hotspots.

You can use this tool to check the signal strength and the channel use in order to make sure that you are using the best solution for a fast Internet connection. The list of available details also includes the frequency and the maximum network speed.

When your area hosts multiple wireless network adapters, it is recommended to check the used channels in order to detect the overlapping networks. This information enables you to select the less crowded channel when setting up a new connection.

The security of a wireless network is very important since the signal can easily be intercepted and used for accessing personal data. This app displays the encryption type for all the detected networks and helps you identify the local access points that are not secured or use low-security encryption algorithms.

Network administrators can use WirelessMon on a laptop in order to check the signal strength and the coverage area for an office building. You are also able to use a GPS device to create a signal strength map for a larger area with multiple access points.

Although the program provides you with detailed information, the interface makes the job easier for less experienced users and places the most used data in the Summary tab. The advanced users can find details such as sent packet rate or received multicast frames in the other tabs.

Overall, the WirelessMon provides you with multiple network diagnosis tools in an intuitive interface that require minimal resources to run.



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