WinRescue 7 v1.08.51 [32-Bit]

The Backup and Recovery Tool for Windows 7. WinRescue makes snapshots of Windows. If you install a program that messes up Windows, just use the Crash Fixer to restore Windows to the way it was before. Start Protecting your Data with WinRescue Now. You never know when something will happen that could wipe everything out. Be ready with WinRescue. WinRescue can be set up to run automatically. It can run minimized so that you can go on with your business. WinRescue will back up to harddrive, diskette, CD, DVD, DDCD, Zip Drive, Network Drive, and any device that can be copied to in Windows Explorer.  Use WinRescue’s default or create up to four different setups (configs) that decide what happens during Backup. For example, one config could back up the registry to the hard drive, a second config could back up recently changed files to the Zip drive, and a third config could backup other files to a network drive.
WinRescue keeps track of how many backups it has made and automatically deletes excess backups. Choose to allow 1 to 10,000 backups.
WinRescue has five ways to restore:
1. to Win7 Restore Points,
2. to Spare Registry,
3. to WinRescue Backups,
4. from Diskette, CD, or Removable Drive,
5. or to the Original Registry.
Please note that the registry may only be backed up and restored by the Administrator.
Five Backup Types:
• Full Backup backs up all of the specified files.
• Incremental Backup only backs up files that have changed since the last Full or Incremental backup. Backed up files will not be backed up again until they change.
• Differential Backup only backs up files that have changed since the last Full or Incremental backup. Backed up files will be backed up again on the next Backup.
• Replace opens up the Backup File and replaces any of the specified files that are different.
• Full (Archive not reset) Backup backs up all of the specified files, but does not reset the Archive attribute (this is for programs like Quicken which do not like the attributes of their files changed).
WinRescue’s back up default selections:
• Registry Files
• Initiation Files
• Print Hood
• Start Menu
• Desktop
• Favorites
• Application Data
• Recent
• Net Hood
• Send To
• IE Cache
• Control Panel
• Nine Important Files
At specified intervals (daily, weekly, bimonthly, monthly, or never) WinRescue 7 will automatically perform the following operations:
• Start WinRescue and Wait
• Back up 1st. Config
• Back up 2nd. Config
• Back up 3rd. Config
• Back up 4th. Config
WinRescue 7 works ONLY with Windows7 (parts of WinRescue 7 are NOT compatible with 64-bit).

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