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Windows USB Blocker 3.0 + Portable [Latest]

Windows USB Blocker

Windows USB Blocker 3

Windows USB Blocker is a useful tool to quickly Block or Unblock USB Storage Devices on any Windows system.USB devices are one of the primary causes for spreading virus/malware from one system to another without the user knowledge. Often it is risky to allow others to insert USB stick (often infected with virus) into your system. Hence it is always advised to disable USB when you are not around.

In such cases, Windows USB Blocker tool will help you to instantly block USB and safeguard your system from these viruses.

Beauty of this tool is that it will block only USB Storage devices like USB Sticks or Portable Disks. However normal USB devices like wireless keyboard/mouse plugs, bluetooth/wireless/internet dongles will continue to work without any problem.

Features of Windows USB Blocker 3

• Free Tool to block or unblock USB
• Blocks only USB Storage Devices (USB Sticks/Disks)
• Simple tool with cool GUI interface
• Displays current USB block status
• No need to log off or restart the system
• Fully portable, does not require any .NET or other dependencies
• Includes Installer for local installation & un-installation
• Works on both 32-bit & 64-bit systems from Windows XP to Windows 8

Title: Windows USB Blocker v3.0
Developer: Home Page
License: FreeWare
Language: English
OS: Windows
* not available

Download Windows USB Blocker 3.0 + Portable (5 MB) :
Direct Link | |

This post was recently updated on August 20, 2016