Windows Self-Healing Tool 1.1.19601 Portable

Windows Self-Healing Tool

Windows Self-Healing Tool

Users are experiencing several issues with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, including random freezing that occurs when logging to the desktop after installing this new release. And while Microsoft has already acknowledged the bug and said that a fix was being developed, a patch is not yet available for everyone, so users’ only options are workarounds that others have suggested online.

The software giant, however, has been hard at work on a tool that can help deal with those issues, and it turns out that an early version is already available for download.

Called “Windows Self-Healing Tool,” the new app can help repair system components and detect corrupt files, repair system corruption, and update system, according to the official description presented to users when launching it. And according to a post on the Community forums, it can also help repair the freezing issue that we’ve told you about, although this can’t be guaranteed right now.

Features of Windows Self-Healing Tool

App causing other issues too
• Microsoft user and Windows insider MarkMazzetti explains on the forums that this solution helped fix the freezing issues, but on the other hand, it might have caused another problem on his computer running the Windows 10 Anniversary Update – this is probably one of the reasons Microsoft hasn’t released this app to everyone just yet.
• “There is a new issue that I believe is a result of this Selfhealing patch. There is now random FLASHING of the screen – the same kind of flash you see when you reload the entire OS either via Recover from the cloud or using a USB stick recovery image. The flash I describe shows the rectangle box that you see in an instant when you reload the OS. MS is aware of this. This had never happened before (random flashing like it is reloading the OS) until I applied the Selfhealing patch,” the user explains.
• Microsoft is already looking into all these bugs, and a fix should be provided in the coming weeks, and hopefully, the Windows Self-Healing Tool becomes available to all. In the meantime, you can download it here, but keep in mind that it’s kind of a risky solution since it could lead to other issues.

Title: Windows Self-Healing Tool v1.1.19601
Developer: Home Page
License: FreeWare
Language: English
OS: Windows
* not available

Portable Windows Self-Healing Tool 1.1.19601 (150 KB) :
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