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WinAutomation 6 – If you use the computer as your main tool to perform your day-to-day activities, surely you come across routines that involve running the same apps each time you start working. Luckily, developers came up with various specialized applications like WinAutomation 6 that give you the possibility to record an action and trigger it with minimum effort.

Multiple ways to create tasks
• The application is heavily equipped with features and you’ll be able to automate a large majority of tasks. It’s recommended to take your time and practice with the rich library of predefined processes to get familiar with all options.
• Creating a task doesn’t require any specialized knowledge, especially because each field you need to fill in is fitted with helpful info. There are three major types of processes you can create. You can configure a job by piling up a number of predefined commands, have the application record your actions, or have web activity captured.

An abundance of predefined functions you can use
• The job designer is where you spend most of your time. A side panel provides quick access to all implemented actions. An impressive array of system functions, conditionals, loops, text actions, web automation tasks are at your disposal. These are just categories, with each holding a breathtaking amount of elements you only need to drag over your workspace.

Configure hotkeys and generate executable files
• There is no limit to the depth of a task you can create, as long as it’s properly arranged. On the other hand, you can take advantage of an integrated debugger to identify any possible flaws, which comes in handy for complex tasks.
• As long as the application is running, you can start and stop any task. What’s more, you can attribute custom hotkeys to each action to easily have them triggered and stopped. In terms of accessibility, there’s a neat feature that lets you generate an executable file you only need to run to trigger a job. This comes in handy for creating tasks you can use on the go.

To sum it up
• All in all, WinAutomation 6 deserves a seat at the winners table, giving you the possibility to automate almost any type of activity you can or need to perform on a computer. It can be used to greatly enhance your workflow, with multiple creation tools, implemented scheduler, and even the possibility to create individual programs to use on the go. If you want to reduce or eliminate routine related to computer activities, this might just be the solution.

Features of WinAutomation 6

• System actions for running applications, controlling logon/logoff shutdown of the PC etc.
• Actions that pause the Job for a specified number of seconds, till a process starts/stops, till a file/folder is created/deleted
• Actions that control the contents of the clipboard
• Actions that control the state and status of the windows which are available at the time of the running of the job
• Actions that control the movement of the mouse and can mimic exactly the use of the mouse.
• Actions that can send keyboard sequences to applications
• Ability to use input boxes to enter information and message boxes to alert the user of various events and parameters
• Ability to create, modify, delete and compare files and folders
• Actions that zip and unzip files and folders
• Actions that control the uploading and downloading of files via FTP
• Excel related actions that allow users to open edit and write to MS Excel files
• Actions that control the status of Windows services and processes
• Actions that deal with the date and time at the time of the job running
• Flow Control Actions (like Goto)
• Conditional grouping of Actions (IF-THEN-ELSE)
• Looping through a group of actions (for a specified number of times, for all the elements of a list, for all files in a folder etc.)

All the Jobs can be fired by one or more set of triggers which include:
• Recurrent triggers
• Scheduled triggers
• Keyboard related triggers
• Process Related triggers
• Service Related triggers
• Event Log triggers
• File Monitor Trigger
• Idle Monitoring Trigger
• Ping Trigger
• Interactive and non-interactive jobs
• Online and offline help files
• A complete user manual
• Customer Support

Title: WinAutomation Professional v6.0.4.4373
Developer: Softomotive Ltd
License: ShareWare
Language: English
OS: Windows Vista/7/8/10.
* Improved:Adding a control with the same name in a control repository adds the suffix (2), (3) and so on.
* Improved:Autologin for Professional Edition supports usernames and passwords containing spaces.
* Corrected:Robots not being able to run due to error message with multiple conditionals not being ended correctly (if-else-end if) is now fixed.
* Corrected:While on the Schedule Properties window, after clicking on the “Add Date” option, clicking OK while leaving the date field empty was generating an “Oops” exception.
* Corrected:“Run PowerShell” and “Run DOS command” action does not hang when have big results on their ouput.
* Corrected:Closing one of many attached Excel files with a “Close Excel” action, was closing them all.
* Corrected:Robot Designer does not show any error when a “label” is in else-if block and the “Goto” is in the if block.
* Corrected:If there is more than one label with same name ignoring the case etc “Foo” and “foo” then an error was shown in the Designer.

Download WinAutomation Pro (123 MB) :
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