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Webcam Zone Trigger Free

Webcam Zone Trigger 3.403 is an efficient software solution, designed to provide you with a reliable means of video monitoring your property, be it home or business. An important function of this application is the motion detection feature, that enables the camera to automatically start video recording.

Webcam Zone Trigger allows you to scan and detect devices connected to the local network, namely IP cameras that can be used for surveillance purposes, but it will work just as well with USB cameras.

After connecting the device of your choice, you can add a motion detection ‘Hotspot’, which is a specific location in the range of the camera, where if an intruder were to pass, they would instantly set it off. This spot can be of any size, but it is generally recommended that a smaller one be used, in an area where the contrast is higher when someone passes.

Webcam Zone Trigger can be set to take a snapshot when the ‘Hotspot’ is triggered or wait for a number of seconds after that. You can also record with the camera, and save the video to AVI or MPEG format, then split the file when it becomes larger than a specified size. The recorded video can be sent via email to a certain address or uploaded to a FTP server.

The ‘Scheduler’ function allows you to set the camera to start recording at specific moments in the day or night, and these times can be different on every day of the week. This ensures maximum flexibility for you and an enhanced level of protection when you need it the most.

The video recordings that are older than a set number of days can be automatically deleted, preventing the waste of harddrive space.

Webcam Zone Trigger is a great tool that proves very useful in security-sensitive situations, as it successfully provides you with the proper video surveillance.

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• Security system for your house, office or store
• User interaction for a show booth or publicity display
• Automation for quality insurance
• Automatic notification upon detection of motion
• Statistic acquisition
• No skills required, super simple to use


OS: Windows All
* Video capture device

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