WarChess 1.1 PreActivated

This is a world full of dangers, where two fantasy hosts battle for triumph and glory using magic and weapons.

Not only are there humans in this world but also dwarfs, elves and other fantastic creatures. You must lead your army to victory and defeat your opponent on the battlefield of chess. Your path will follow through many locations, such as distant deserts, ruins of old temples and many other mysterious places. With this said, have fun…
Main Game:
In the Main window you will see the 3D view of the chess board and characters along with a smaller top-down mini-chessboard. You can move your pieces in either the 3D or mini-chessboard view (see below). 
To move the camera on the 3D chessboard, press and hold the left mouse button and drag it left, right, up or down. Horizontal mouse movement pans the camera around the vertical axIs, which is located in the center of the 3D chessboard. 
Vertical mouse movement pans the camera up and down, so you can look up and down. 
You may also pan the camera by using the cursor keys. You can zoom in and zoom out this view with the Page Up and Page Dn buttons or with the + or – buttons. If your mouse has a wheel you can zoom in and out with this. 
Movements & Capturing:
To move on the main 3D chessboard select your piece by clicking on it with the left mouse button. The piece will now be highlighted with a purple rotating spiral and all possible moves will also be shown in purple. Note that only legal moves will be available, for example you cannot move into check. 
Next select the position you wish to move to by clicking on the square using the right mouse button. The piece will now move to the new position. If your opponent has a figure in that square, your piece will attack it. 
You can skip the animated move sequences by pressing the Space bar. If you are playing in Single Player mode, the computer will now take its move and so on. You can also move pieces directly on the mini-board by dragging and dropping the piece you want to move.
OS: Windows 2000/XP/VISTA/7/8
HomePage – http://www.kozmogames.com
File Size : 17 MB
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