Wake On LAN 2.11.2

Wake On LAN

Wake On LAN is an easy to use, simple tool designed to offer users a handy wake on LAN and shutdown software.

This application will basically allow you to: wakeUp a remote computer that is powered off, shutdown a remote computer or ping a selected remote computer.

You can also use the software to display the status of a PC, perform an emergency shutdown of all the defined computers at once, connect to the remote server via Remote Desktop and listen for WOL packets.


* New installer based on Inno Setup.
* Installer is now multilingual. Installation language carries over to the WOL program.
* New scheduler option to send messages to machines.
* New feature: managed thread pool. The polling of machines is now managed so that it doesn’t overload network.

OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8

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This post was recently updated on March 4, 2016