VSO ConvertXtoVideo Ultimate Beta + Free

VSO ConvertXtoVideo Ultimate Beta + Free
VSO ConvertXtoVideo Ultimate (aka Video Converter) is an all-in-one video converter which ensures the top image quality and fast conversions. It allows you to convert any video format into
DVD, AVI, MKV, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Xbox, PS3, Playstation, MPEG2, MPEG4, H.264, Xvid, Android phones and tablets. VSO ConvertXtoVideo is very simple to use. It has 1 click conversion feature with advanced settings, that allows you to convert video files with impressive top quality results adapted to the output device. During conversation, VSO ConvertXtoVideo lets you edit video files, adjust the brightness, contrast and saturation for video file, cut segments, merge video parts, create chapters, rotate the video image, add subtitles and synchronize it.

The software has included H264 encoder for Blu-Ray ripping. VSO ConvertXtoVideo supports all popular input and output video formats.

Also you can add audio tracks, sound effects and boost audio. Convert, Edit, Merge, Cut your videos with this ultimate tool that combines great speed and ultimate quality!

Convert videos into any format:
• Convert videos to and from any format: MKV, AVI, DVD, Blu-ray, FLV, MP4 converter, ISO, WMV and more…
• Compatible with any device: iPhone, iPad converter, iPod, Xbox, PS3, Playstation, convert to phones Android and tablets…
• Create AVCHD and Blu-ray discs
• Create custom profiles with your choice of codecs and resolutions Mpeg2, Mpeg4, H264, Xvid High Resolution and SD
• Many audio outputs available: stereo, multi-channel, AC-3, dts, AAC, Mp2
• Complete with a comprehensive editing tool: no need for any other program!
• Convert video to mp3 or other audio formats
• Burn your conversions to disk (CD, DVD and Blu-ray) with integrated burning engine or create ISO files

Easy to use:
• 1 click: insert video and click on “Convert”
• Timeline display for clear overall view and ease of use
• Automatic detection of main movie and right angle for Blu-rays
• Includes a live preview for audio and subtitle tracks selection
• Custom settings for advanced users are only 1 click away

Top Quality:
• Impressive quality results adapted to the output device
• Luminosity, brightness, contrast and saturation control for outstanding image
• Advanced Image Filter to convert images down from HD to SD if needed
• H264 encoder included in to rip Blu-Ray

Special features for thorough customization:
• Add subtitles: advanced editor and preview, DVDsub or hardcoded, forced subs supported
• Cut off any unwanted part(s) of the video
• Merge files together to create one unique video file
• Offset option for ultimate audio/video/subtitles synchronization
• Image rotation
• Custom profiles: create your own profile with your favorite codecs, resolution and bitrate and existing files
• Remux profiles for MKV
• Sound effects
• Chapter support: keep original chapters or create new chapters
• Audio booster
• Padding and cropping features
• Interface customization, more than 20 designs

Hardware decoding+ multi-core + H264:
• Encoder optimized for multi-core processors convert 3x’s faster
• DXVA2 hardware decoding: NVIDIA CUDA, Intel and ATI technology
• Uses Hardware encoding: NVIDIA CUDA
• Processes simultaneous conversions

– 0009392: [Bug] Missing subtitles in mkv mp4 conversion from ts file (cedric) – resolved.
– 0008630: [Bug] AV when clicking on swf file loaded in interface trying to access advanced editing window (cedric) – resolved.
– 0009319: [Bug] a few problems with ssa subtitles files when converted to Blu-ray (cedric) – resolved.
– 0008042: [Bug] when merging files, subtitles with the same name of movie file are not imported into advanced edititng window (cedric) – resolved.
– 0008291: [Bug] warn user video converter is not dedicated to handle audio as source (cedric) – resolved.
– 0008549: [Feature Request] default location for saving projects (cedric) – resolved.
– 0008861: [Bug] profile playstation 3 – mpeg4 doesnt work on playstation (cedric) – resolved.
– 0009365: [Bug] file cannot be converted to ps3-h264 or bluray (cedric) – resolved.
– 0009389: [Bug] subtitles stay on screen too long …. until next subtitle line arrives (cedric) – resolved.
– 0009293: [Bug] Cannot move the time line button in “édition des chapitres” (cedric) – resolved.
– 0009363: [Bug] create a second cut change the size of the first one (cedric) – resolved.
– 0009351: [Bug] target size / quality setting has no effect when changed for negative values (cedric) – resolved.
– 0008030: [Information] reset back to vso default settings – does not change menu templates to default (cedric) – resolved.
– 0008415: [Bug] Invalid input value in cut window (cedric) – resolved.
– 0009233: [Crash] Access Violation / Chapter Button in Advanced Editing (Custom Profile) (cedric) – resolved.
– 0008726: [Bug] av when trying to convert a file (cedric) – resolved.
– 0009331: [Feature Request] improve selection visibility of titleset (cedric) – resolved.
– 0009366: [Suggestion] volume value is not updated after clicking on automatic volume (cedric) – resolved.
– 0009382: [Suggestion] Names of settings in custom profile editor should be the same in all places used (cedric) – resolved.
– 0009383: [Feature Request] Add an option to split loaded files by chapters (import one titleset by chapter) (cedric) – resolved.
– 0009376: [Bug] subtitles do not disappear and therefore overlap as conversion plays on problem with profile MP4-MPEG4 (cedric) – resolved.
– 0009380: [Feature Request] add option “open explorer” to “Output folder generation” setting (cedric) – resolved.
– 0009381: [Feature Request] custom profile missing “Custom profile name” and “custom path” in the overview. (cedric) – resolved.
– 0009379: [Feature Request] Take in account “output folder generation method” when custom profile output folder is set (cedric) – resolved.
– 0009370: [Bug] blu-ray output freezing on samsung player (felicia) – resolved.
– 0009357: [Bug] artifacts on subtitles, extra outline around subtitles in yellow (felicia) – resolved.
– 0008891: [Bug] drop in quality when converting to nexus 10 compared to previous version (cedric) – closed.

OS: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 (32-bit, 64-bit).


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