VideoMach Pro 5.10.5 + Free

VideoMach is a audio/video builder and converter, that will allow you to build video clips from still images, add background music to your videos, extract audio tracks and images

from movies, and to convert between media file formats.

You can also change the compression, frame rate, color depth, audio format and resize your clips in various ways, including widescreen without deforming your content. 
In addition, you can enhance and correct your video clips with dozens of filters including sharpen, emboss, gamma correction, brightness, contrast, saturation and many others. 
Other features include conversion between PAL and NTSC, thumbnail creation and more. VideoMach supports all popular audio and video formats, including AVI, FLIC, MPEG and HAV. 
With VideoMach you can:
· Convert image sequences to video files 
· Join video and audio clips to a single output file 
· Rotate, resize and crop videos to the desired size 
· Extract images and audio from a media clip 
· Change video and audio codec, data rate, resolution, aspect ratio and quality of a media clip 
· Speed up or slow down video, or a part of it 
· Appy any of industry-standard video filters and functions like Brightness, Contrast, Gamma Correction, Deinterlace, Mirror, Motion Blur, Fade In/Out, White Balance, Sharpen, Emboss and many more 
· Deploy special tools like Matrix, Temporal Average or Count Colors 
· Automate the process of conversion by using projects and command-line parameters
Supported formats:
· AC3, Dolby Digital compatible
· AVI / DIVX / IVF, Windows Audio Video Interleaved 
· BAY, Bayer Image (read only) 
· BMP / DIB, Windows Device Independent Bitmap 
· CINE, Vision Research CINE, (read/uncompressed only)
· FLC / FLI, Autodesk FLIC / FLIC-Pro 
· GIF, Graphics Interchange Format 
· HAV , High quality Audio Video 
· JPEG, Joint Photographic Expert Group 
· MPA / MP2 / MP3, audio MPEG-1/2, Layer I/II/III, (MP1 and MP3 read only) 
· MPEG, Moving Pictures Expert Group, MPEG-1 
· OGG, OggVorbis Audio 
· PCX, Zsoft Paintbrush 
· PNG, Portable Network Graphics 
· PNM / PPM, Portable Image 
· RAS / SUN, Sun Raster Image 
· RGB / SGI, Silicon Graphics Image 
· TGA, Truevision Targa 
· TIFF, Tagged Image File Format 
· WAV, Windows Wave Sound 
· XPM, X-Pixmap
High-Speed video:
. BAYER, Phantom CINE (Vision Research), TIFF, PNG, JPEG, BMP and other formats supported
. Produce slow-motion videos from high-speed images/videos
. Display elapsed milliseconds on the videos
Timelapse, stop-motion animation and 3D rendering:
. Convert images and music to video
. Display elapsed days, hours, minutes, etc. on the videos
Animated GIF and FLC:
. Convert normal videos to animated GIF or FLC using high quality 8-bit color reduction
. Convert FLC or GIF animations to normal video
Side-by-side videos and temporal averaging:
. Show multiple videos side-by-side or arrange them in a table (use Tools => Matrix)
. Remove noise from a stationary camera (use Tools => Temporal Average)
Extract images and audio from video:
. Extract currently previewed image by pressing F2 or Alt+F2
. To extract hundreds or thousands of images just specify an image file for output (VideoMach will add numbers automatically)
. Extracting audio (music or effects) is even easier
Convert and edit videos:
. Convert videos between various formats
. Speed up a video
. Slow down a video
. Overlay text and logos
. Rotate, resize, remove borders, sharpen, adjust colors and other filters
OS: Windows 2K / XP / Vista / Vista 64 bit / 7 / 7 64 bit / 8 / 8 64 bit
——-[What’s New in This Release]——————–
– Changed: Option to switch off automatic color correction for Vision Research CINE files
– Changed: Maximum MP4 video data rate increased to 40,000 kbps
– Fixed: Changing video speed didn’t change linked audio duration
– Fixed: On some systems there were memory allocation faults
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