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USB Disk Ejector

USB Disk Ejector

USB Disk Ejector is a very easy to use utility designed to help you eject removable drives, while also offering support for memory cards and Firewire disks.

At the first glance, you may find the application pretty basic, with just a minimal interface that shows the connected USB drives. A double click or pressing the Enter button disconnects the drive to safely remove it.

However, USB Disk Ejector boasts an impressive settings screen with numerous configuration options for the main categories of products it supports.

Features of USB Disk Ejector

• It is quick. Rather than clicking through the “Safely Remove Hardware” dialog you can very quickly remove drives or card media. You can even create shortcuts or hotkeys to eject a drive.
• It is simple. The program is designed to be easy to use and its advanced options are hidden so that they dont get in the way.
• It is portable. It can be stored and used on a removable device like a pen drive. It can even eject the disk that it is running from. It doesnt require administrator rights and doesnt need installing.
• It is flexible. There are many features that can be customised such as hotkeys, positioning, notifications and post-eject actions.

It can be run as a command line program. The command line options are very flexible, they can be used to:
• Eject the drive that the program is running from.
• Eject a drive by specifying a drive letter.
• Eject a drive by specifying a drive name.
• Eject a drive by specifying a mountpoint
• Eject a drive by specifying a partial drive name.
• It can eject disks when Vista cant. In Vista, disks often cant be ejected because they have an open explorer window. Other versions of Windows will close any explorer windows belonging to a disk but Vista often doesnt – so USB Disk Ejector closes does it before ejecting.
• It can eject disks when Windows sometimes can’t. If any applications are running from a disk then Windows wont be able to eject it. USB Disk Ejector can detect and auto-close any applications running from the disk before ejecting. Please note this closes applications that were launched from the disk not applications that have opened a file on the disk. See the limitations section further down for more information.

Title: USB Disk Ejector v1.3.0.4
Developer: bgbennyboy
License: FreeWare
Language: English
OS: Windows
* not available

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