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Unchecky is a small tool that can help you prevent accidental acceptance of third party sponsor offers during software installations. The program runs as a background service and monitors your software installations. If it detects any unrelated offers, it automatically unchecks them for you, so you don’t accidentally install any unwanted software.

Features of Unchecky

• This application installs without any issues and you can get it up and running within seconds – even though it does not actually feature a traditional user interface, it runs in the background without requiring too much RAM or CPU, or slowing down the PC.
• Due to Unchecky, the next time you attempt to install a software utility that bundles third-party components within its installer, all its options will be expanded so you can view all the changes it offers, and they will also be unchecked.
• If you accidentally click one of the checkboxes, Unchecky promptly displays a warning message asking for confirmation that you indeed want to install such a component. This behavior can be of great help when it comes to apps that make modifications to your PC without asking for your permission in the first place.
• All in all, while it might not seem like it is protecting your PC since it is not displayed in the taskbar or the system tray, Unchecky can actually ensure that you do not end up slowing down your computer with unsolicited browsers or various apps you did not intend to install.

Title: Unchecky v1.0 Final
Developer: Home Page
License: Freeware
Language: Multilingual
OS: Windows
• First non-beta release. We consider Unchecky to be stable enough for everyday use.
• Warning tooltips are enabled by default.
• Added support for LogMeIn Hamachi.
• Added support for Kaspersky Total Security.
• Added support for Zona.
• Added support for RusTV Player.
• Added support for AnVir Task Manager.
• Added support for the Microsoft LifeChat installer.
• Added support for Anvsoft installers.
• Improved support for the WinZip installer.
• Improved support for iTVA software installers, such as Dicter.
• Improved support for Auslogic software installers, such as BoostSpeed.
• Improved support for Yandex software offers.
• Improved support for AIMP 4.
• Improved support for Adobe Shockwave Player.
• Improved support for Stardock installers.
• Updated translations: Chinese (Traditional), Swedish.
• Bug fixes and stability improvements.

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