UBP Pro Win 10 PE Multiboot 0.7 [Latest]

UBP Pro Win 10 PE Multiboot

UBP Pro Win 10 PE Multiboot

is a WinPE-based rescue disk 10 that functions more or less the same as Hiren’s Boot DVD, Boot Sergei Strelec or Gandalf’s Boot DVD. UBP Windows PE also has support UEFI. In UBP Pro Windows PE Multibooting already there are many hundreds of software ready to use that you can use to diagnose PC you when there is a problem such can not boot Windows, Repair Notebook, save data in HD, Backup & Restore OS, Forgot Windows password, and so on, To view the entire program in UBP Pro Win 10 PE Multibooting you can see here.

Note, if the time required to log off your Username and Password.
Username and Password you can see below:
User: Administrator
Password: ubppro6406 ( Untuk Windows PE x64 )
Password: ubppro8606 ( Untuk Windows PE x86 )

UBP Pro PE 0.7 Information:

OS Version : Windows 8.1 & Windows 10 Home Basic
UBP Version : 0.7
File type : ISO
Size : 4.06 GB
MD5 Code : 5EFFAF6866D85347C27BF6A740D201BF
Boot type : BIOS & UEFI
Created by : Le Thanh Vu (lthnhvvn)
Completed : 08.03.2016 (UTC+07:00 Hanoi)
Windows type: PE

UBP Pro Win 10 PE Multiboot

Main menu – UBP Pro 0.7
UBP Pro PE (x86)
UBP Pro PE (x64)
UBP PE7 (Fast Boot) “use for old machine”
Acronish Disk Director 12 (build 12.0.3270)
Acronish True Image 2016 (build 6027)
Acronis Backup,Recovery & Universal Restore 11.5.32308
[email protected] Password Change 6.0
Gold Memory 7.85
HDD Regenerator 2014
Partition Guru
Memory Test 5.01
R-Drive Image 6.0.6014 “backup Linux, MacOS & Windows”
Symantec Ghost 11.5.1

UBP Pro Win 8.1 PE Multiboot

System require
CPU: Dual Core (E, P, T, Q, G, i, Xeon)
Memory: 2GB (x86) – 4GB (x64) (bester 8GB)
DVD: 16X
USB: 2.0 & 3.0

UBP Pro Win 10 PE Full

Driver add
• Driver Lan & WLan (new)
• Driver USB 3.0 (all)
• Driver VGA Intel (all)
Add with tool Dism, someone PC or Notebook not detect driver Lan & WLan, you can install driver for old PC or Notebook here (Start Menu -> Driver -> Install Network Lan & Install Network WLan)

Add keyboard layout
PE (x86) add some KB original support web, add fonts
PE (x64) add full KB support web, document & KB input asian, add fonts, add windows picture original, add personalize for wallpaper

How to use some tools
• Wifi Reset (Start Menu -> Network -> Wifi Reset) if your wifi is Troubleshoot
• Set Pagefile (Start Menu -> System -> Set Pagefile) if your ram memory Network -> RDP Client) remote desktop local PC
• Ammyy Admin (Start Menu -> Network -> Ammyy Admin) remote desktop internet
• Disable Firewall (Start Menu -> Network -> Disable Firewall) if you can’t connect to PE from local workgroup
• Enable guest account (open cmd type command [net user guest /active:yes] not include [])
• Google Chrome (use x64 Start Menu -> Network -> Google Chrome) plug-in flash player with html5,you can view anything video on internet, not need install adobe flash player. You need set pagefile for use internet 24h/day
• Synchronize drive letters (shortcut on desktop) fix & repaired shortcut start menu request insert usb boot to pc
• IrfanView add plug-in for all format (http://www.irfanview.com/plugins.htm) & create tool shortcut take capture desktop from taskbar
• Search Everything (run in taskbar) search program fastest
• Beyond Compare (Start Menu -> Utilities -> Beyond Compare) compare anythings
• Windows Directory Statistics (Start Menu -> Utilities -> Windows Directory Statistics) search & show folder size with graphic

Title Release: UBP Pro Win 10 PE Multiboot 0.7 Full
License: ShareWare
Language: English
UBP Pro Win 10 PE Multiboot 0.7 (4.06 GB) / Mirror

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