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TurboBackup 9 is the all-in-one go-to solution with the option to create multiple backups of shared documents to more than one destination in one operation. It also offers the ability to back up and retain different versions of the same file to protect your documents from accidental loss. For everyday use, the new release 9 offers simple drag-and-drop backup to protect you from losing valuable memories and documents.

Features of TurboBackup Download

Use TurboBackup to Archive All Your Photos

Prepare Backup Dialog
If you want to know ahead of time the number of CD/DVD is required, click Prepare Backup. TurboBackup will analyze your data and give you an estimate.

Preview Backup Files
You can view backup files from backup catalog. TurboBackup automatically catalogs your backup. This feature allows you to find where your data is even without the backup media present.

Use TurboBackup to Back Up Your Work Folders

Secure and Compress Backup
No matter what backup media you plan to use you have the options to compress your backup files with password protection.

Use TurboBackup to Backup to Remote Server

FTP Remote Backup
To back up large files from your desktop or laptop directly to FTP server is quite fast in TurboBackup. FTP is the fastest internet protocol to transfer and share large files. It transfers files dramatically faster than traditional http or email. The built-in FTP feature in TurboBackup enables the transfer of large files and folders. Simply choose the backup media as FTP servers and follow the step-by-step wizard to set up the task.

Backup Summary and History
Backup Summary accumulates general information about each task including status and statistics. Backup History gives you all backup occurrences on the system in a timeline.

Event Logs and Backup E-mail Notifications
Periodic backup of your data is the first step for recovery. Ensuring a smooth backup is a critical task. It needs little imagination to say what will happen if the backup fails and you end up finding it out later when you need them! The event log is serving as a placeholder of all backup occurrences on the system. Monitoring the log can detect any failed attempts. When you use scheduled backup, you have options to include an email notification for the success or fail status of the backup.

Use TurboBackup to Restore Lost, Damaged, or Changed files

Full and Partial Restore
Restore in TurboBackup is a fairly simple task that can have your backed-up files restored in no time. To begin you select the task, then click on Restore Icon to restore individual files, groups of files, or all of the files that you’ve backed up. If you have more than one copy of the backup data, you have choice to restore from a particular backup. Or you can use the Previous Version function that shows you all backups of the same document to choose from.

Automate and Easy
You can automate the backup by scheduling the backup task. You have options to select how often to back up, from minute’s interval, hourly, daily, and weekly, to monthly. You can specify the starting time and date, and optionally the ending date. It is easy to setup, test, change, start and stop the scheduling. You can also schedule to back up without having to log on.

Auto Cataloging
Catalog is created with the backup automatically. The default folder for the catalog is in your task sub folder of your personal TurboBackup folder. You can change the location of the catalog folder if you want. This catalog serves not only as backup history, but also as a directory for your archived photos, music, and documents. It is much easier to find files in catalogs than going through piles of CDs.

Batch Backup and Fast
You can group any backup tasks together. With one click you can start backing up all of them at once. TurboBackup uses its multi-threading technology when performing multiple backups. These multiple operations are concurrent and not sequential. So, it is very fast to back up files in multiple tasks.

Title: TurboBackup v9.2
Developer: Home Page
License: Shareware
Language: English
OS: Windows

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