TuneUp Utilites 2013 Beta

TuneUp Utilities 2013 – A new version of a large set of various tools for tuning and optimizing the system. With this program you will be able to clean the disks of dust, remove invalid entries from the registry and defragment it, optimize memory, manage startup permanently delete files from the disc with a special utility “TuneUp Shredder” (subsequent to Improve becomes impossible, even with special programs), to recover deleted files, change the look of Windows, and much more. All utilities in this package together into a coherent GUI. To run any other tools necessary to choose its name from the list and click on her arm. Later, this opens a dialog box in which you and all appropriate action. The package combines the important functions for system optimization, configuration, cleaning and service in a modern graphical user interface.
Configuration and Analysis (Customize and Analyze):
Includes a startup manager (TuneUp StartUp Manager), tweaker Interface Windows (TuneUp WinStyler), “System Information” (TuneUp System Information) and “General system settings” (TuneUp SystemControl). A distinctive feature of the manager of a startup is that its settings can be set individually for each user a list of programs. The “System Information” contains detailed information about installed hardware, as well as the amount of memory, the version of Windows, etc.
Cleaning and Repair (Clean and Repair):
In this section you can find two utilities – to clean your computer of temporary files (DiskCleaner), and the utility to identify problems in the registry (RegistryCleaner). These tools are fine-tuning the system is very easy to handle and represent two of the wizard step by step instructions.
Optimization and tuning (Optimize and Improve):
This group includes a registry defragmenter (RegistryDefrag), a utility for working with RAM (MemOptimizer) and a large number of system settings (System Optimizer), to maximize the efficiency of Windows. Choose the best system configuration to help special module System Advisor, who will analyze your computer and provide information on what changes are required the user to increase system performance.
Administration and Management (Administer and Control):
Here you can find the full Registry Editor Registry Editor, with which you can search and edit records, process manager (Process Manager) and a utility to remove the installed applications (Uninstall Manager).
Restore and delete files (File recovery and Destruction):
The latter category includes configuration tools for working with files – a utility for recovery (Undelete) and a tool for removing sensitive data without the possibility of data recovery (Shredder). Additional features of the program can provide automatic updates and the ability to recover from a previously created backup system (RescueCenter).
• TuneUp Utilities ™ 2013th All new features.
The tuning Upper Class sets standards in the trace destruction: the brand new TuneUp Utilities ™ 2013 cleans now around 250 popular PC applications, Windows and browser functions remains – an accomplished through intensive research, clean record. Also new: The newly developed Live Optimization TuneUp 2.0 detect and stop the biggest power-eater on your PC, notebook or tablet.
• NEW! TuneUp Disk Cleaner 2013: The cleaning professional for your PC
Your computer is collected on a daily basis far too much data on scrap, which not only fills your hard drive crashes, but also brings with it and jeopardize your privacy. The new TuneUp Disk Cleaner 2013 adjusted for reliable …
– Program remains chat logs, history lists, and cached temporary files from over 150 popular programs are cleaned in a sink of TuneUp Utilities ™ 2013th
– Windows garbage: The new TuneUp Disk Cleaner optimizes whopping 28 Windows functions reliably, such as installation relic (Microsoft Installer), error reports, temporary files, and much more.
• NEW! TuneUp Browser Cleaner 2013: Destroyed surftracks reliable
Protects your privacy by cleaning of complete over 60 areas in Internet Explorer ®, Google ™ Chrome, Opera ®, Safari ® and Firefox ®. The new TuneUp 2013 browser Cleaner detects and removes many tracks, such as Flash cookies, clean up the browser itself. The new TuneUp browser cleaner you even optimize your browser databases.
• STRONGER! TuneUp TuneUp Shortcut Cleaner and Registry Cleaner
With the improved TuneUp Registry Cleaner Scan and clean up more areas of the registry. In order to clean the heart of Windows more thoroughly than ever before. The expanded TuneUp Shortcut Cleaner removes orphaned shortcuts, faulty history lists in Windows and popular applications more efficiently from the plate.
• NEW! TuneUp Live Optimization 2.0: Stop eating now even more effective performance
The’ll find on any PC: power-eating programs that steal every ounce of resources in the background. TuneUp Live Optimization stops this loss of power: Active programs receive higher priority here, unused background programs are downgraded. With TuneUp Utilities ™ 2013, you use the live-optimized more efficiently.
Clean up program residue:
• All your favorite programs leave traces caused by daily use, clogging up your hard disk with cache files, log files, history files, and redundant crash reports. Over time, this can lead to a full hard disk or even system crashes. TuneUp Disk Cleaner now cleans up over 150 programs such as Microsoft® Office, Adobe® Reader, and Skype™.
Destroy Windows data trash:
• Operating systems create temporary files that eat up valuable disk space and cause annoying PC errors on a regular basis. TuneUp Disk Cleaner 2013 cleans over 27 of the programs that come with Windows® such as MSI (Microsoft Installer), Media Player data history, or temporary help files.
Delete browser traces:
• TuneUp Browser Cleaner 2013 finds and gets rid of all temporary internet files and traces such as history lists, stored password
s, or Flash cookies that are often not detected by browsers.
• Cutting-edge Technology: TuneUp Utilities™ 2013 Even Tunes the New Windows® 8!
Microsoft will be launching the next generation of its operating system Windows 8 this fall. Be prepared and protect your Windows® 8 PC from performance loss and crashes with the fully compatible TuneUp Utilities™ 2013.
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