True Launch Bar 7.0 (x86) Free

True Launch Bar draws on the strengths of MS Windows, making a better use of its controls and technologies.
Its close integration with Windows Explorer makes a thoughtful use of the system resources. Its support for Drag-n-Drop helps quickly fill the menus with shortcuts.

True Launch Bar utilizes the benefit of XP Visual Styles to the full extent. True Launch Bar helps you harness the system and use its strengths. True Launch Bar offers a system of shortcuts far more superior than Quick Launch. Arranged into menus, they are just the same as folders in the Explorer window. The dropdown menus appear on the taskbar alongside other icons.

The menus can be set to display the details and thumbnails of each item. You can make any existing folder into a menu, or pool files together and group them under separators. Using the list of predefined folders you can, for instance, make My Documents, My Pictures, My Music, etc. into menus.

The hallmark system of switching toolbars allows changing the choice of shortcuts with the change of an active application. For example, if you use extra resources while working with MS Office, you can create a special toolbar with shortcuts to all the resources.

The shortcuts will appear in the taskbar every time an Office applet is launched. Not only does True Launch Bar provide comfort of use, but also adds polish to your system. With its help you can dress the taskbar with overlay images and skins. You can customise its colour scheme; add gradient and transparency effects. Its plug-ins will equip your taskbar with a news reader and the weather forecast. From the taskbar you will be able to monitor resources and network activities, access the address book and control media playback.

Compatibility with standard Quick Launch (unique)
Grouping links into popup menus
Full support of Windows XP Visual Styles
Virtual Folders (unique)
Improved separators (unique)
Recently accessed button
Thumbnails View (unique)
Drag & Drop
Hot keys
Run your shortcuts without click (unique)
Fast toolbar switching (unique)
Related Links (unique)
Protection (unique)
Plugins (unique)
Support Windows XP-style icons (unique)
Auto-sensing toolbar (unique)
Overlay Images on menu (unique)
Multi column layout (unique)
Hot keys manager
Backup/Restore toolbar
Easy installing of skins
Improved tips (unique)
Support PNG images as icon
Using 3 state PNG image as button (unique)
Redistributing toolbars
Context menu templates
Integration with StartKiller (unique)

OS: Windows™ XP / Vista / 7 / 8 (32-bit)

This post was recently updated on October 18, 2014