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Discover TreeSize Professional – the ultimate tool for Windows users seeking deep insights into disk space usage. With its intuitive interface, this software provides a thorough analysis of your storage, from top-level folders to individual files. Easily identify redundant files, reclaim valuable space, and streamline your system’s performance. Whether you’re a tech enthusiast or a casual user, TreeSize Professional simplifies disk management tasks with its detailed reports and export options. Don’t let clutter slow you down – download TreeSize Professional today and unlock the full potential of your storage space!

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User interface

  • The tool adopts a ribbon interface that provides quick access to the files and folders stored in your computer, scan mode, extra tools to play with, different view modes, and more. Plus, it offers support for context menu integration.
  • The GUI maintains a well-organized layout but it may look a bit overwhelming at first glance because it comes bundled with many features.

Check out detailed info about your hard drives

TreeSize Professional gives you the possibility to select the drive that you want to scan and view data about the total and allocated size, number of files and folders, last accessed and changed dates, and owner.

What’s more, you can analyze pie charts, bar charts, or tree maps, zoom in or out of them, export the charts to PNG, BMP, or another image format, alter the colors, show the chart in 3D, as well as print the photos.

The “Extensions” feature comes in handy in case you want to examine all files detected on a partition by checking their extensions. Plus, each file extension is colored differently, and you can make the app show all items found on a drive for a single extension.

You can rely on the “Age of Files” mode for creating statistics for files with last access and change date or creation date. Additionally, the tool lets you view a history of your disk space usage with the aid of a chart.

Features of TreeSize Professional

  • Efficient disk space management from all perspectives
  • Versatile file search
  • Exporting and reporting
  • Track growth
  • Customized analyses & views
  • Scheduled scans
  • High-performance thanks to multithreading
  • Full NTFS support
  • Perfect integration with the Windows Explorer
  • Full network support
File Name: JAM Software TreeSize Professional v9.1.5.1885
Developer: JAM Software
License: Shareware
Language: Multilingual
OS: Windows

Download JAM Software TreeSize Pro for Windows

TreeSize Pro | 64-bit | File Size: 35 MB
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Portable TreeSize Pro | 64-bit | File Size: 31 MB
UsersDrive | Uploadrar | Direct

Password: 123
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