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ToolsToo – Even though it might be deemed somewhat restrictive and possibility even too complicated by some, PowerPoint is, without a doubt, one of the best choices when it comes to creating presentations and illustrations. Among other things, its effectiveness stems from the fact that it manages to pack a lot of useful features wrapped around a typical Office UI.

Features of ToolsToo

Improve your workflow with the help of this useful PowerPoint add-in
• Be that as it may, you can still greatly improve PowerPoint’s capabilities with the help of various add-ins, for example, ToolsToo. Quite simply, ToolsToo adds more than 65 tools for shape management and a little more than 20 slide tools directly within PowerPoint’s ribbon toolbar.
• Its deployment procedure is reduced to a simple installation process through which you are guided by a typical wizard. It goes without saying that Microsoft Office needs to be present in your computer’s system to be able to install this add-in. Subsequently, you will notice that all the aforementioned tools are easily accessible from a bespoke tab.

Allows you to better manage almost all aspects of your PowerPoint projects
• We’ll start off with the shape tools for they are more numerous and arguably the most useful ones. You get the possibility to adjoin shapes at each end, to align, distribute, or accurate replicate shapes. Furthermore, you can rearrange z-order and animation sequences, paste thumbnails, as well as add connection sites.
• The slide tools section includes a self-explanatory agenda copier and a few other features that allow you to insert pictures from your computer’s clipboard, to reformat slides, to split texts between two slides, as well as to split and remove animations. In addition, ToolsToo also estimates the duration for each and every slide.

One of the most feature-packed add-ins for PowerPoint
• To conclude, ToolsToo is an efficient Microsoft PowerPoint add-in, and it’s probably one of the best go-to solutions if you’re looking to enhance the Microsoft-vetted presentation utility’s functionality. With a bit of getting used to, ToolsToo can surely help you improve your productivity thanks to its plethora of useful tools.

Title: ToolsToo v7.1
Developer: ToolsToo
License: ShareWare
Language: English
OS: Windows
Microsoft® Office PowerPoint® 2010/2013/2016 (32/64 bit)
Microsoft® .NET Framework V4.7
Some features also require:
Microsoft® Office Outlook 2010/2013/2016 (32/64 bit)
– Microsoft® Office Word 2010/2013/2016 (32/64 bit)
New Features:
– Make Same Horizontal/Vertical Spacing – make the horizontal/vertical spacing (per the selected spacing mode) between the selected shapes the same as that between the reference shape and the first selected shape. There are four horizontal spacing modes and four vertical spacing modes.
– Pick Up Horizontal/Vertical Spacing – pick up the horizontal/vertical spacing (non overlapping mode only) between the reference shape and the first selected shape. The picked up spacing may be applied in any direction using the Adjoin tools with the Spacing option selected.
– Apply picked up Spacing option in Adjoin tools – the picked up spacing may be applied in any direction.
– Text Split Join – if one shape is selected, split each text paragraph to its own shape; if multiple shapes are selected, join all the text into the first shape and delete all the selected shapes except for the first.
– Added labels (not displayed on the ribbon) to all tools for ease of reference when customizing the ribbon
– Added documentation to the User Guide regarding automating ToolsToo so that multiple tools can be invoked in a single click

Changes in Behavior:
– The Replicate tool now replicates any number of shapes in a grid pattern within the reference shape Default file names created by the Extract Slides tool are now adjusted so as to replace characters that are invalid in file names (<, >, :, ”, /, , |, ?, *, line break) with spaces and then trim any leading or trailing spaces

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