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ThumbsPlus Pro

ThumbsPlus Pro is a complex software tool developed specifically to help individuals view and easily navigate through all photos on your computer, as well as edit them and their metadata, and assign keywords.

Cluttered, yet modern UI
• The installation process does not last long and does not bring any kind of surprises. Once you wrap it up, you are greeted by a modern and a bit cluttered interface. It consists of a menu bar, several shortcut buttons, and a few panels to let you preview images, display a folder structure, thumbnails and metadata.
• However, both power and novice users can still find their way around it, as there are also some extensive Help contents you can read when you reach a dead end.

Manage, edit and convert photos
• This software tool enables you to upload TPDB8S and MDB databases, and you can also browse the contents of your hard drive, with the help of the built-in tree view. Moreover, you can perform managing actions such as moving or copying items to another location on the hard drive, renaming several of them at a time, assigning them keywords or tags, go to containing directory, copy file name, keywords, thumbnails and image to the Clipboard, e-mail, print or delete them.
• When it comes to editing, you can adjust colors, their depth and balance levels, you can invert colors, view histograms, insert stamps and watermarks, photos can be resized, cropped and rotated.
• Pictures can be acquired from a scanner or camera, in one of the formats supported (BMP, GIF, ICO, JPG, PCX, PNG, RAW, TGA, TIF, WMF etc.) and in a custom location on the hard. Moreover, you can use a search function, view items as a slideshow and quickly convert files from one format to another.

• To sum up, ThumbsPlus Pro is a well-rounded piece of software, as it contains a large number of configurable options. It has a good response time, it does not use many system resources, and presents powerful backup and restore capabilities.

• ThumbsPlus version offers new toolbar buttons and graphics with a Windows XP feel, improved menus, and a much wider selection of buttons to choose from.
• You can load, view, edit and save 16 bit per channel images.
• You can create, handle and view alpha channels in 24-bit and 48-bit images.
• A digital cameral raw plug-in is available, and file types loaded by this filter will be loaded as 48-bit.
• Support for AOL .ART files.
• You can save RAW files (image bits only, no image information).
• Many different and interesting image filters are available.
• Photo printing options with print preview.
• You can change or modify the image resolution during resize, and the print size is computed.
• You can also enter a print size and the pixel dimensions will be computed. Image | Transform | Resize.
• ThumbsPlus will print all pages of multi-image TIFF, DCX and CEX files.
• You can automatically extract EXIF information and store in user fields.
• You can display up to nine user fields in the thumbnail view.
• Perform quick batch processing directly from the main menu’s Image | Quick Batch fly out menu.
• Many slide show transitions.
• Windows Color Management support.
• Assign color profiles to scanners and digital cameras.
• Movie thumbnail and viewing options (Options | File Loading | Movies & Sounds).
• Preview window available (you can switch between Tasks and Preview).
• Color replacement in single and batch mode (Image | Adjust).
• Quick convert menu for converting multiple files (Image | Convert to).
• Quick (and non-lossy for JPEG files) turns (90, 180, 270) and mirrors.
• Stamp an image with any image info (such as file name, date, EXIF fields, etc.), another image or any text. Image | Stamp.
• Multiple undo/redo capability.
• Generate thumbnail web pages in the Web Page Wizard. Image | Web Page Wizard. The thumbnails can link directly to the full size images, to individual pages for each image or to a javascript pop-up window.
• Many template styles for the Web Page Wizard.
• Can convert and resize images in the Web Page Wizard.
• Thumbnail annotations can be viewed during a slide show.
• Will show the computed similarity between selected images. Image | Compare.
• Even more versatile batch processing, including setting file date/time.
• OLE support for many different file formats not handled internally.
• Support for IPTC editing in batch process.
• Support for viewing EXIF information from digicam files.
• EXIF version 2.2 fields supported.
• Create thumbnails of unsupported files from the clipboard.
• Windows Still Image support to launch ThumbsPlus automatically with your scanner or when attaching your camera.

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OS: Windows 2K / XP / XP 64 bit / Vista / Vista 64 bit / 7 / 7 64 bit / 8 / 8 64 bit / 2003 / 2008 / 2008 64 bit / Server 2012 / 10 / 10 64 bit

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