The Best Keylogger 3.54 Build 1000 + Free

The Best Keylogger logs all keystrokes, mouseclicks, applications, windows, websites, email sent and received, chat conversations, system events, documents printed, file usage and screenshots! The Best Keylogger can also filter to only log specific users, only log specific applications and deny access to applications and websites. The Best Keylogger can activate it self when windows starts and is completely invisible. All logs can be sent to you via mail so you can monitor your computer without being there. The logs are encrypted and can only be viewed with The Best Keylogger after you enter your admin password. There is no better way to have full control of your computer. Learn the truth today!
Keystroke logging
Screenshots logging
Files logging
Printer logging
MSN conversation logging
Mail logging
Process logging
System logging
Mouseclick logging
Copy paste logging
Autostart with windows
Automatic clearing of logs
Upload logs to ftp
Print logs
Flush logs to usb
Export logs to harddisk
Receive email logs
Receive notification logs
Great filtering options
Password protection
===== INSTALL NOTES =====
Step 1: unpack rar archive
Step 2: run the setup
Step 3: Use the given crack to activate   
Step 4: Enjoy
File Size: 13.46 MB

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