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SyncBack has established itself as world-class in the field of backup and synchronization software. SyncBack can easily backup or synchronize your important files to another drive, directory, or
network. Highly configurable, but extremely simple to use. Integrated with Windows Scheduler to automate backups. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced user, at home or work, SyncBack ensures your most valuable asset, data, remains protected. Discover why SyncBack has become the favoured backup and synchronization solution of individuals, businesses, and non-profits, the world over. Trusted by hospitals, police departments, universities, schools, businesses, non-profit organizations, and individuals everywhere. With over two million downloads, a vast user base, and industry recognition from the biggest players around, you know you’re in safe hands.

Discover all the advantages of using this great backup, restore, and Professional synchronization software SyncBackPro.
• Copy locked or open files
• Process an unlimited number of files
• Fast Backup and Smart Synchronization
• Versioning: keep previous backup versions
• Backup To Disk: CD/DVD with disk spanning
• Backup To and From Email
• Scripting Support
• BZip2 Compression: higher compression
• S.M.A.R.T. Warnings for drive protection
• Powerful FTP engine & AES encryption
• Automatic scheduling
• Amazon S3 and Google Storage support
• Microsoft Azure support
• Backup of emails on POP3/IMAP4 server
• Integration with SB Management Service
• Profile run/creation notification
• New script functions, calls, and examples
• Superb feature set and customization
• Generous Licensing Policy
• Extensive Help Documentation & Support

New: Group profiles can now be run automatically when a SyncBack Touch device starts
New: Can set how long to keep backups of profiles for
New: Log file now shows free space on cloud (except S3 and Azure as that is unlimited)
New: French language version CHM help file and PDF available from the downloads page
Fixed: Some high DPI fixes
Fixed: 403 Forbidden error when restoring compressed S3 objects stored in Glacier
Fixed: Profiles uploaded to SBMS server were corrupt
Fixed: Sometimes emails were not deleted
Fixed: May get an error creating base directory with OneDrive
Fixed: Getting SyncBack Touch settings will not hang if it cannot contact Touch device
Fixed: No Install versions missing file for FTP
Fixed: Differences window not shown if only changes were new folders
Fixed: Now works with IMAP4 servers that do not use a slash as a folder delimiter
Updated: Group log links and profile log links to parent group log are now relative links
Updated: Windows Environment variable expansion first uses the new method and then the older method
Updated: Dutch translations
Updated: entry window modified so clearer that old versions can be downloaded if using old serial number
Updated: Progress feedback when downloading Dropbox delta list
Updated: Options for the encryption method used for storing passwords in settings files
Updated: Log now also shows platform SyncBack Touch is running on
Updated: Azure uses newer API version (2012-02-12) as Microsoft is dropping older versions on 1 Aug 2015
Updated: Now supports S3 V4 security API (required for some locations, e.g. Frankfurt)
Updated: Will pause and retry when getting a list of emails and Exchange server is busy
Updated: Can now upload files over 100MB in size to Microsoft OneDrive
Updated: Profiles set to run automatically when Touch device connects will not keep re-running

OS: Windows XP / Vista / Vista 64 bit / 7 / 7 64 bit / 8 / 8 64 bit


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