Swift PC Optimizer 1.3 [Latest]

Swift PC Optimizer

Swift PC Optimizer 1.3

Swift PC Optimizer is a simple application that allows you to keep your computer clear of threats and unnecessary content. The program can scan your PC and identify issues related to the Registry, the system or the installed browsers.

How can Swift PC optimizer change your life ?
• Swift PC Optimizer free has a built in PC Cleaning operation which protects your computer by getting rid of unnecessary data and files which results in ensuring that your PC is not vulnerable to identification stealing. It gives you a faster and more productive windows experience. The Swift PC cleaner is great because it only takes a couple of minutes to do all the cleaning . This saves a lot of time if you’re a busy person .
• Swift PC optimizer is your best friend if you are a computer savvy. It’s essential for your pc because the world wide web is growing each day and there are a lot of files that get stored in your pc for no real reason . Some websites even steal your information so they can display their pop up advertisement on your screen. This can be very annoying . There are a lot of reasons for you to get Swift PC optimizer today. It’s price will fit your budget and it’s reliable . It keeps your computer up to date.

Swift PC Optimizer

Features of Swift PC Optimizer

Perform in-depth scans
• Swift PC Optimizer can scan your computer on demand or repeatedly, according to a schedule that you set. You can set it to run daily or weekly, then select the hour you prefer. The program can detect missing shared DLLs, scan unused file extensions, ActiveX and Class issues, type libraries, help files, installers or obsolete software.
• You can clean temporary Internet files, history, cookies and other unnecessary files generated through your browser. Moreover, you may set the program to delete recently used documents on your system, thumbnail cache or taskbar jump list. Other system functions that you may repair include emptying the Recycle Bin, erase temporary files, clear the clipboard, memory dumps or icon shortcuts.

Display scan results and clean computer
• Swift PC Optimizer can display the results of the scan based on the subject of the analysis: the Registry, Windows, the system and the browsers. You can view a detailed log of all the issues detected by the program and filter the ones you wish to delete/repair by manually selecting them.
• The program also includes an application manager, which displays the installed tools and allows you to safely remove them. You may view the programs configured to start with Windows and disable or remove them.

Simple, yet reliable system cleaning application
• The advantages of Swift PC Optimizer are that it can perform a thorough scan in a short time, as well as the fact that it can check several items at the same time. However, the program does not allow you to change Registry settings unless it detects them as issues. It can run in the background and start with Windows.

Title: Swift PC Optimizer v1.3
Developer: Secure Bit Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
License: ShareWare
Language: English
OS: Windows
* not available
Swift PC Optimizer 1.3 (9 MB):
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