SuperEasy Password Manager + Free

SuperEasy Password Manager + Free

SuperEasy Password Manager + Free

SuperEasy Password Manager is a comprehensive software that enables you to create a secure storage space for important information such as passwords, usernames, account details or messages.
The software allows you to create profiles for a large series of websites and automatically login using the dedicated function.

Reliable keeper for your passwords
• Remembering different passwords and keeping them secret from other users is difficult, but SuperEasy Password Manager allows you to store them all into a safe place. The software is protected with a master password and stores profiles that you can use to automatically log in to your online accounts or offline applications.
• With SuperEasy Password Manager, you need to remember a single password, that which unlocks the access to all the other credentials. The application allows you to set account credentials for websites, emails, online bank accounts or unlock applications. Moreover, since it is protected by a strong keyphrase, SuperEasy Password Manager is a suitable application for storing important messages, memos, bookmarks and identities. An identity is a profile which allows you to authenticate yourself without needing to type in usernames or passwords.

Capable password generator
• SuperEasy Password Manager can indicate the strength of each keyphrase you enter, in the dedicated spaces. Moreover, it can easily generate new, strong passwords and save them in the profile. The ‘Launch’ button, afferent to each entry allows you to automatically open the indicated webpage, using the browser of your choice and fills in the username/password fields if available.
• For a better organizing of your account, the software allows you to sort the entries into groups: email, finance, forums, gaming, instant messengers, shopping, travel are already created, but you may add custom ones.

Protecting your credentials
• With SuperEasy Password Manager, you are protected against other users accidentally viewing the password and against keyloggers which record each symbol you type. The software can easily store a multitude of usernames and keyphrases, then allows you to access your information at any time.


OS: Windows XP / Vista / Vista 64 bit / 7 / 7 64 bit / 8 / 8 64 bit


13.1 MB

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