Allegorithmic Substance Designer 5.6.0 Build 411 [Latest]

Substance Designer

Allegorithmic Substance Designer is a 3D modeling application that focuses on texture design, providing a set of powerful tools and functions that can work to one’s advantage.

Thanks to the material layering capabilities, it can take care of compositing and blending, which enables the artist to concentrate on the overall design, rather than combining elements together.

Features of Substance Designer 5

• Material Layering
• Non destructive / Non-linear authoring workflow
• Visualize in real time
• Import your own shader
• DX11 & Tesselation
• Multi Materials
• Batch processing
• Live workflow with Photoshop
• Advanced Noise Editor
• Presets Library

Title: Allegorithmic Substance Designer v5.6.0 Build 411
Developer: Allegorithmic
License: ShareWare
Language: English
OS: Windows 7/8/10 x64.
Added :
• [Content] Added new “AO (Horizon Base Ambient Occlusion)” filter
• [Content] Added new “Height Blend” Filter
• [Content] Added new “Height to Normal (world units)” filter
• [Content] Added new “Material Height Blend” filter
• [Content] Added new “Snow Cover” filter
• [Content] Added new “Water Level” filter
• [Content] Added new “Color Match” filter
• [Content] Added new “Histogram Scan (Non Uniform)” filter
• [Preferences] [UI] Add an option in Preferences to disable the High-DPI detection
• [3d View] Add a “reset camera position” option
• [Iray] Integrate IRay SDK 2016.2 for Pascal architecture Support
• [Graph] Add “Copy Node information to the clipboard” option on contextual menu

Fixed :
• [MDL] alg material root is not removed on exported preset
• [MDL Graph] links for missing resource are not deleted in the MDL graph
• [Library] Creating a new filter creates two base conditons
• [Library] Folders doesn’t filters anymore library’s content
• [Bakers] Progress Bar does come and go
• [Bakers] Non existant cage resource prevents to bake
• [Content] Various errors in “”
• [Export] File format is always reset to png
• [UI] Substance Designer UI Scaling Issue
• [Graph] Crash when moving the original package of a graph instance
• [Preferences] if the default shader/tangent plugin/.. are not found use the ones defined in the default project
• [Parameters] Sliders have to much precision on Mac
• [Explorer] Move 3D mesh from a folder to another corrupts this resource
• Closing the window doesn’t kill SD process
• File open dialog does not display files with the “All format” filter

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