Stream Direct TV Pro 2012 v3.0 Final


Stream Direct TV is undoubtedly our top choice to your Streaming Online TV solution.
With more than 4500 HD channels, huge and complete coverage all over the 5 continents, Stream Direct TV provides the most return on your investment. With the humongous number of online tv channels selection, Stream Direct TV will definitely have hundreds of channels available in your area. Whether you are in Europe, America, Africa, Asia or Australia, you can literally download TV programs for various countries all over the world. Coverage Map You can enjoy TV shows, entertainment channels, Hollywood Movies, Music channels, Sports, News .. the list goes on and on. TV Channels
With a esay to use design, Stream Direct TV has definitely scored the full points on userability. The registration and installation process has been the smoothiest one out of all Internet TV software. Equiped with Free Personal Video Recorder, you can save your favourite movies and TV shows directly onto your hard drive, making it easier for you to watch anytime. This system is an All In One entertainment system, with everything you can ever ask for.
For any product with this kind of value, it has to follow up with exceptional aftersale support. Stream Direct TV is by far the best Internet TV company providing the best technical support to their client base. This is one of the reasons why many customers around the globe has selected Stream Direct TV as their Internet TV provider.
North America
United States (421 Channels)
Mexico (332 Channels)
Canada (248 Channels)
Guatemala (156 Channels)
Cuba (113 Channels)
Dominican Republic (89 Channels)
Haiti (75 Channels)
Honduras (66 Channels)
El Salvador (52 Channels)
Nicaragua (48 Channels)
Costa Rica (32 Channels)
Puerto Rico (28 Channels)
Panama (23 Channels)
Jamaica (21 Channels)
Bahamas (18 Channels)
Barbados (16 Channels)
Virgin Islands (13 Channels)
Bermuda (5 Channels)
Greenland (3 Channels)
South America
Brazil (157 Channels)
Colombia (139 Channels)
Argentina (128 Channels)
Peru (98 Channels)
Venezuela (86 Channels)
Chile (73 Channels)
Ecuador (64 Channels)
Bolivia (59 Channels)
Paraguay (46 Channels)
Uruguay (45 Channels)
Guyana (39 Channels)
Suriname (25 Channels)
Falkland Islands (16 Channels)
Russia (527 Channels)
Germany (511 Channels)
Turkey (479 Channels)
United Kingdom (436 Channels)
France (411 Channels)
Italy (409 Channels)
Ukraine (369 Channels)
Spain (332 Channels)
Poland (311 Channels)
Romania (298 Channels)
Netherlands (284 Channels)
Kazakhstan (119 Channels)
Greece (101 Channels)
Portugal (97 Channels)
Belarus (88 Channels)
Belgium (74 Channels)
Czech Republic (62 Channels)
Hungary (55 Channels)
Sweden (32 Channels)
Austria (11 Channels)
China (235 Channels)
India (210 Channels)
Indonesia (146 Channels)
Pakistan (105 Channels)
Bangladesh (98 Channels)
Japan (75 Channels)
Philippines (63 Channels)
Vietnam (61 Channels)
Turkey (45 Channels)
Thailand (43 Channels)
South Korea (17 Channels)
Nigeria (279 Channels)
Egypt (266 Channels)
Ethiopia (251 Channels)
Tanzania (179 Channels)
Sudan (113 Channels)
Kenya (98 Channels)
Morocco (84 Channels)
Algeria (76 Channels)
Uganda (64 Channels)
Ghana (51 Channels)
Madagascar (37 Channels)
Angola (21 Channels)
Zimbabwe (11 Channels)
Malawi (3 Channels)
Sydney (119 Channels)
Melbourne (108 Channels)
Brisbane (94 Channels)
Perth (81 Channels)
Adelaide (76 Channels)
Gold Coast (55 Channels)
Newcastle (51 Channels)
Canberra (47 Channels)
Wollongong (22 Channels)
Sunshine Coast (13 Channels)
Hobart (11 Channels)
Geelong (7 Channels)
Townsville (5 Channels)
Ballarat (3 Channels)
And so many more
un-listed channels!
No Hardware Required
Over 4500 HD Channels
No Monthly Bills or fees
24/7 Access, Globally
No Bandwidth Limits
New Channels Daily
1. Run Application
2. Read “Installation instructions.txt
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