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Sticky Password is a strong and reliable password manager designed to provides the means to stay safe online and save time with the online form filler that gives you automated login and one click form filling. 
Each license includes the portable version for free and installs easily on your USB device or flash memory stick, so you’ll always have your passwords and other data with you wherever you need them. 
There’s also the Sticky Password for iPhone version. Even more secure storage options are now available with the Secure Memos feature, and password collaboration tools for small offices and work groups have been added. Your personal privacy will be protected against identity theft and you will stay safe online as you take advantage of the convenient password management and form filling functionality. 
Sticky Password incorporates the industry’s most powerful encryption algorithms and provides effective protection against phishing schemes, concealed key-loggers and identity theft. 
Sticky Password creates strong passwords for you and securely stores your passwords and gives you automated login for websites and applications, plus online form-filling at the click of a button. 
Secure Memos allow you to safely store additional personal information in encrypted format. Sticky Password supports Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and major browsers. 
Your passwords and personal data are securely encrypted on your computer (or USB device) and accessible only by you. Lets you use your Bluetooth or USB device as additional authorization methods. Supports multiple logins and passwords for each password account. 
Quickly and easily import your passwords from browsers and other programs. Automatic backup of the encrypted password database ensures that you can restore past passwords if you ever need to. All Microsoft accounts on the protected computer have their own individual password database
Save time with Sticky Password:
· Sticky Password recognizes your password-protected sites and logs you in automatically.
· One-click form filling! Sticky Password fills in tedious online forms quickly and accurately.
· Sticky Password integrates with your browser and applications so your passwords and data are always ready when you need them.
· No more lost or forgotten passwords, Sticky Password gets them right the first time and even logs you in automatically.
· The Installation Wizard imports your passwords automatically from browsers and other password manager programs on your computer.
· Take advantage of the automatic update feature to ensure that you always have the latest build or version of Sticky Password.
Protect yourself against identity theft and online threats:
· Sticky Password creates the strongest passwords possible and manages them for you. With Sticky Password’s password generator, you’re just a click away from another strong password.
· The database is encrypted with the strongest encryption algorithms available in the industry, including the military-grade AES algorithm.
· You’ll be protected from phishing scams, because Sticky Password won’t send your login and password to fake websites!
· Multiple levels of protection against key-loggers. Sticky Password’s automatic login and form filling ensure that there is nothing for key loggers to record. And the Virtual Keyboard also ensures that not even someone peaking over your shoulder will know what you’re typing.
· Use the new Secure Memos to store even more of your important data in the secure encrypted database.
· Sticky Password is safer than browsers. When stored in a browser, your passwords can be used by anyone using the computer, and are also more at risk to being stolen by computer viruses than when they are securely stored in Sticky Password’s encrypted database.
Get organized – passwords and website accounts under control:
· Sticky Password puts strong passwords under your control. Your Master Password is the only password you’ll need to remember.
· Sticky Password fills in all those online forms for you.
· No toolbars required: located in the title bar, the Caption Button is your access point to Sticky Password functions. No one else has it.
· Each Sticky Password license includes the Sticky Password Portable Version, so you’ll always have your passwords when you need them.
· Sticky Passwords supports secure export and other collaboration options.
· Your password Accounts will be organized the way you want with our enhanced groups.
· Keep your passwords and data in synch! Easy synchronization between your PC and Portable versions.
· Support for the browsers you use. Sticky Password works with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome and more, so you’re not tied to any single browser.
Os: Windows XP / Vista / Vista64 / 7 / 7 x64
——-[What’s New in This Release]——————–
· Caption Button is back! Toolbar is now installed only in IE 10 on 64-bit operating systems
· added possibility to install Chrome extension for other Chrome users (by dropping the spautofill.crx to Chrome Extensions page)
· added support for Firefox/Thunderbird 21 and Seamonkey 2.18
· fixed false malware alarms (by digitally signing the uninstaller)
· fixed autofill of HTTP authentication dialog in Internet Explorer
· fixed filling of pinned websites when Sticky Password toolbar is used in IE
· fixed Chrome freezing when opening the multiple logins balloon
· fixed application freezing in 64-bit Windows 8 after doubleclicking on systray icon and canceling the unlock dialog
· fixed issue with account logged in Seamonkey being displayed in Firefox Caption Button menu and vice versa
· fixed Secure Memos imported from Roboform not showing on the Groups tab
· fixed saving changes to accounts with imap:// or pop3:// link
· fixed untranslated paste-from-clipboard confirmation dialog

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