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Statgraphics Centurion

Statgraphics Centurion 17

Statgraphics Centurion XVII is a major upgrade to Statpoint’s flagship data analysis and visualization product. It contains 32 new statistical procedures and significant upgrades to 20 other existing procedures.

Features of Statgraphics Centurion 17

Correlation Plot
• The Correlation Plot (also called a corrgram) displays the estimated correlations or partial correlations for a set of quantitative variables in the form of a matrix with colored cells. If desired, only cells with statistically significant correlations will be displayed.

Laney P’ and U’ Control Charts
• New control charts have been added to monitor overdispersed rates and proportions. Tests have been added to the existing P and U charts to determine when these charts should be used.

Deviation Dashboard
• This new Statlet indicates the status of multiple variables by displaying how much they deviate from their respective means. The primary format shows each variable using a vertical bar, the color of which indicates how many standard deviations the variable is from its mean. The controls on the Statlet toolbar interactively change the time period for which the data is displayed.

Demographic Maps
• The Map by State procedure has been renamed Demographic Map and moved to the Plot menu. It can now create maps for any regions defined by a BNA boundary file. A new gradient fill may be used to indicate the level of a selected quantitative variable.

• A new procedure has been added for estimating the value of a random variable based on measurements made at locations distributed throughout a 2-dimensional region. Called Kriging, the procedure first creates a variogram to estimate the spatial dependence between measurements. Estimates are then made at unmeasured locations throughout the region.

Computer Generated Designs
• Computer Generated designs, created by the DOE Wizard, are experimental designs which have optimal properties with respect to the estimation of specific statistical models. Given the definition of an experimental region (including linear factor constraints), a model to be estimated, and the number of experimental runs that can be performed, the program searches for a set of runs that maximize a selected design criteria (A, D, G or I optimality).

Bivariate Density Estimation
• A new Statlet has been added to display the joint distribution of 2 random variables. The estimated density function may be displayed using a bivariate frequency histogram, a bivariate normal distribution, or a nonparametric density estimate.

Dynamic Visualizers for Multiple Time Series
• Three new Statlets have been developed to help users visualize the changes in multiple variables over time. Given n time series observed over p time periods, the program generates a dynamic display that illustrates how each of the variables has changed over time. The controls on the Statlet toolbar let the user change the period for which the data are displayed.

Graphics – Object Editing
• New features available in all graphs include: addition of objects such as arrows, lines and rectangles; highlighting selected objects such as selected bars in a histogram; interactive manipulation of text font sizes; improved recording of videos; enhanced zoom and pan; highlighting of points by a secondary variable.

Multivariate Visualizer
• This new Statlet is designed to plot multiple time series in a manner that helps users visualize the changes in multiple variables over time. Given nsamples for each of m variables observed over p time periods, the program generates a dynamic display that illustrates how each of the variables has changed over time.Several different types of plots may be created, including barcharts, piecharts, profile plots, strip plots, starplots, and Chernoff faces. As time evolves, the analyst can follow changes in all of the variables and all of the samples simultaneously.

Title: Statgraphics Centurion v17.2.00
Developer: Home Page
License: ShareWare
Language: English
OS: Windows
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