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StarReminder 4.22.07 + Portable [Latest]

StarReminder 4

StarReminder enables you to organize your schedule in an efficient manner, displaying tasks, meetings and important events within a simple calendar. It can be used to get reminders about birthdays and other similar events, manage pending tasks and create alarms.

Use a calendar to organize your schedule
• The interface of StarReminder is mostly occupied by the main calendar, which includes events for each day of the month. With just a click, you can view a list of all the tasks associated with the current date and filter the entries by status (completed or suspended).

Get notified about all tasks
• Alerts can be set for each event, while the repeat function can be used for setting periodical tasks. The application features both on-screen and sound notifications, but it can also alert you about an event via e-mail.

An easy to configure event reminder
• An application such as StarReminder makes it impossible for you to forget about significant events or upcoming tasks. Whether it is a project deadline, a birthday or an anniversary, this application can easily remind you about it.

Features of StarReminder

Portable – take it with you:
StarReminder is designed to be a Portable software. Always carry your reminders in your pocket by simply installing it on any normal USB disk and view your Tasks, to dos, anniversaries and notes in any computer, anytime.

Works Transparently:
StarReminder runs on the background, without interfering with your work until a Task reaches its due Date/Time schedule that you have previously set. You can access any of StarReminder’s functions by clicking or right-clicking on its tray icon.

Task Management:
Tasks can be setup on a predefined Date/Time along with various recurring scheduling options. Unlimited plain text can be stored on a Task’s Notes which supports URL highlighting. Manage Tasks using a Calendar or a Task list. One or multiple actions can be assigned like: play a sound, send an email notification, run a program or even shutdown the computer.

Popup Notifications:
A window popups on screen when a Task (or a number of Tasks) reaches its due Date/Time. The window contains a list displaying Tasks Title and Date/Time schedule. Extensive Task handling is available adding functionality and speed to your work.

Email notifications:
You can configure StarReminder to send email notifications when a Task reaches its due Date/Time. For example you or a friend of yours can receive email notifications for a meeting you planned. With the email notification it is easy to organise also other people that do not have StarReminder installed.

Full moon phase reminder:
If the moon cycles are important for you, an email notification can be sent three days before each full moon of each month. The email contains the full moon name and detailed description for each month’s full moon phase along with the best illumination in UTC time.

Post-It notes:
Get rid of paper floating around your desk. These virtual post-it notes are as easy to use as paper and far more flexible. They can store unlimited plain text content and they can be placed to your Windows’ desktop or in the Post-it memoboard tab. They don’t disturb you when using other programs. You can easily drag them anywhere in your desktop or roll them up in order to save screen space. Changing note colors is a snap. If you travel and use StarReminder on a USB stick, the post it notes will follow you in your trip. How convenient!

Memo Notes:
Use the Post-It tab to create and edit memo notes. Instead of leaving a Post-It open on screen you can close it and find it in the Post-It tab in the main window. You can store unlimited text and automatically highlights any URL addresses to websites. You can colot-code the memo notes to filter them by color and distinguish their content.

Title: StarReminder v4.22.07
Developer: StarMessage software
License: FreeWare
Language: English
OS: Windows
* not available

This post was recently updated on September 26, 2017