SpyShelter Personal 9.7.0 Free Download

SpyShelter Personal 9.7.0 Free Download
SpyShelter Personal is a comprehensive and effective security program designed to protect your computer against malicious agents from the online environment when it comes to rootkits, Trojans, keyloggers, and other types of malware.

It comes loaded with powerful, yet approachable options and configuration settings for experienced users.

Clear-cut interface with a simple appearance
The GUI is user-friendly, based on a common window with a pretty intuitive layout that contains multiple tabs for viewing the protection status, establishing rules, examining log details, restricting apps, and configuring settings.

View the protection status of all modules
In the first tab you can find out all components bundled with SpyShelter Personal, along with their protection status. These include anti-keylogging, anti-screen and anti-Clipboard capture, anti-get text, system protection, and anti-kernel mode logger. The remaining ones are only available in the premium edition.

Create rules, restrict apps and view log details
The application lets you create a personal set of rules from file, create an exclusion list and a restricted one with files, folders and removable drives, forbid webcam capturing and sound recording, as well as locate all rules of a particular component.
Folders with write access, files with access violations, along with items executed as restricted can be indicated. All program activity is recorded to a log area that can be consulted at any time.

Customize program preferences
It is possible to switch to a different language and skin for the interface, disable the app’s automatic launch at system startup, integrate it into the system shell for quick access, select the security level (e.g. medium, high, allow Microsoft), specify the method of process termination (child processes or all instances), as well as check out a list of monitored actions, among others.

Evaluation and conclusion
SpyShelter Personal ran on a moderate quantity of CPU and system memory in our tests, had a good response time, and worked smoothly without hanging, crashing or displaying error notifications. The biggest issue with the free edition is that it does not work on 64-bit Windows. Nevertheless, SpyShelter Personal Free features plenty of advanced settings for controlling the computer’s defenses against e-threats.


OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8


5.9 MB

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