SpotOnTheMouse 2.5.8 +

SpotOnTheMouse 2.5.8 +

SpotOnTheMouse 2.5.8 +

SpotOnTheMouse is a lightweight application that allows you to make your mouse cursor more visible when you need to make a presentation.

SpotOnTheMouse enables you to add various graphic elements that will help you or your audience follow your cursor easier. Some of these elements are: colored halo, a mouse image, crosshair or arrows.

  • Halo – A yellow area moving along with the mouse pointer.
  • Crosshair – Horizontal and vertical line with the mouse pointer where they cross.
  • Click circles – Rings indicate where the mouse buttons are clicked. They move along with the mouse pointer while the button is pressed down.
  • Wheel arrows – Arrows above and below the pointer indicate the direction of the mouse wheel rotation.
  • Mouse graphic – A picture of a mouse moves along next to the pointer. It indicates the button clicks and wheel rotations.
  • Keyboard indicators – Keys and certain combinations of keys can be displayed next to the mouse pointer.


OS: Windows All


1.0 MB

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