Speaking Clock Deluxe v3.62

Speaking Clock Deluxe is an application which can announce the time in many different languages (American English is included, over 30 other languages can be freelydownloaded).
Also features MS Agent and text-to-speech support, which makes it possible to have animated characters that announce the time and pops up when the alarm goes off.
The multiple alarm system keeps track of up to 50 different alarms, with the possibility of announcing the time, playing any wave file or even starting another program.
The alarms can be set to go off once or be repeated daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. In addition it also features a speaking calculator, a timer/stopwatch function, time synchronization with sync schedules, choice of digital or analog displays and a very attractive all-graphical interface design.
The clock runs in the system tray (where it also shows the time).
The perfect desktop companion that adds a touch of personality to your computer system.
What’s New in This Release:
· Text-to-speech functions are now designed to work with Speech API
· ver 5.0 or newer, meaning all TTS functionality will work directly out-of-the-box with Windows 2000/XP/Vista.
· The calculator function is now implemented as a separate window,
· as many users did not understand how to use the calculator in
· previous versions.
· The volume of time announcements can now be adjusted.
· Languages can now be selected from the popup menu. The language selection button has been removed.
· New skin: Aluminium.
· Several changes to improve compatibility with Windows XP and Vista.
· The user interface has been re-designed with a more modern look.
· Minor bugfixes in several areas.
File Size : 4.1 MB

This post was recently updated on September 14, 2012