Sophos Virus Removal Tool 2.5.6 [Latest]

Sophos Virus Removal Tool

Sophos Virus Removal Tool 2

Removes viruses, spyware, rootkits and fake antivirus AND works alongside your existing antivirus. Sophos know all about viruses and they’re a pain. They can slow down your computer or try to steal your data and you might not even know you’ve got one. What you need is a quick and easy way to find and get rid of them. That’s why we’re giving you a handy little tool that does exactly that. Even if you already have antivirus installed on your computer you can install our tool to identify and clean up infections your antivirus might have missed.

How to use Sophos Virus Removal Tool

1. Download – Download the tool, run the program and put the Virus Removal Tool on your desktop.
2. Open the tool – Double click Sophos Virus Removal Tool and then click the Start scanning button
3. The tool scans your computer
4. It removes any viruses it finds

Title: Sophos Virus Removal Tool v2.5.6
Developer: Home Page
License: FreeWare
Language: English
OS: Windows
* not available

Download Sophos Virus Removal Tool 2.5.6 (143 MB) : | |

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