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Keeping device drivers up-to-date is no simple task, especially for users who have little experience with PCs and do not know where to find or how to install the right software. SnailDriver is an intuitive program that can come to your aid, as it is capable of scanning your computer and detecting devices that are in need of a driver update. Moreover, it can download and install the required components automatically.

Features of SnailDriver

Useful program that can detect outdated drivers on your computer
• SnailDriver could hardly be more intuitive, as all you are required to do is press the Scan button after the application is launched. All installed device drivers are analyzed and compared to the versions available online, the entire operation being completed very quickly.
• You are then presented with a list that displays information about your installed devices, the driver versions they are using, and whether or not updates are available.

Update device drivers with a couple of mouse clicks
• Unless your computer is in top shape, some drivers are probably going to require updates. This operation is performed automatically, and the application can even download and install multiple components at the same time.
• However, little information is provided about each driver, and you do not have the option of reverting to an earlier version if you run into any problems, although the program does create a System Restore point when performing an update.

Novice-friendly application that even experts can take advantage of
• While Snail-Driver is clearly aimed at less experienced users, a utility that saves time and effort can come in handy in any situation.
• Drivers are notoriously difficult to find for certain components, and Snail-Driver makes this task a lot easier, as it locates the software and downloads it in no time at all.
• To conclude, SnailDriver is an easy-to-use application designed to make the task of keeping all Windows drivers up-to-date a lot easier. It can detect outdated software on your computer, and then download and install newer components automatically.

Title: SnailDriver v1.0.0.3
Developer: SnailDriver
License: FreeWare
Language: English
OS: Windows 7/8/10.
* not available

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