SMAC MAC Address Changer 2.0.7 Free Download

SMAC MAC Address Changer 2.0.7 is a powerful, yet an easy-to-use and intuitive Windows MAC Address Modifying Utility (MAC Address spoofing) which allows users to change MAC address for almost any Network Interface

Cards (NIC) on the Windows 2000, XP, and 2003 Server systems, regardless of whether the manufactures allow this option or not.

SMAC does not change the hardware burned-in MAC addresses, as it is not necessary. Instead, the program changes the “software based” MAC addresses on the Windows 2000, XP, and 2003 Server systems, and the new MAC addresses you change will remain after system reboots.
· Automatically Activate new MAC Address right after changing it (you have the option to manually activate)
· Show the manufacturer of the MAC Address
· Show All or “Only Active” network adapters
· Randomly Generate any New MAC Address or based on a selected manufacturer
· Pre-load MAC Addresses List and choose the new MAC address from the list (Professional Edition)
· “IPConfig” button – click to show network adapter (IPConfig) info to confirm changes
· User-friendly GUI and easy-to-follow User Guide 
· Change MAC Address in 3 clicks:
· Select a network adapter 
· Click “Random” to generate a MAC Address to spoof 
· Click “Update MAC” to change and activate new MAC Address 
· Protect your personal privacy by hiding the real MAC Address of your Network Adapters 
· Easy, intuitive, and user-friendly GUI for viewing and changing MAC addresses 
· Display detailed information of all available adapters, or ONLY the active network adapters 
· Displays the following information of your Network Interface Card (NIC) 
– Device ID
– Active Status
– NIC description
– NIC Manufacturer
– Spoofed status (Yes/No)
– IP Address
– Active MAC addresses
– Spoofed MAC Address
– NIC Hardware ID
– NIC Configuration ID
· View and select the 10 Most Recently Used (MRU) MAC Addresses directly from the MRU list to spoof 
· Generate comprehensive reports on Network Adapter details (Professional Edition only) 
· Built-in logging capability allows users to track MAC address change activities (Professional Edition has the option to turn-on or turn-off this option) 
· Remove spoofed MAC Address to restore original MAC Address 
OS: Windows 2000, XP, 2003, VISTA, 2008, Windows 7
· SMAC works on Network Interface Cards (NIC) that are on the Microsoft Hardware Compatibility List (HCL). Usually you will see a “Designed for Windows 2000” or “Designed for Windows XP” logo on the box of the NIC. If your NIC is not on the HCL, please contact your NIC manufacturer to check for compatibility.
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