Simple Cutting Software X 2020.02.24.0 [Latest]

Simple Cutting Software X

Simple Cutting Software X is a lightweight and practical program intended to assist you in maximizing the usage potential of a sheet of material, be it wood, metal, glass or other. It offers you the best cutting options for the pieces that you need, all the while reducing waste.

Features of Simple Cutting Software X Full

  • 2D Guillotine optimization – The cuts are performed from one side to the other of the material. This feature is very useful for glass, wood, thermo-glass, …
  • Manual arrange after optimization – one can modify the layout by moving, adding and deleting pieces with the mouse.
  • Any measurement metric- The way in which you introduce the data is a general one. You don’t have to specify a metric. Just choose a metric in your mind and enter all data using that metric only.
  • Fractional input – You may introduce data either real as 100.5 or fractional as 100 1/2. Precision for fractions can be set from menu Settings. Do not mix real values with decimal separator (“.”) with fractional values. Choose one style and stick with it.
  • Adjustable cutting blade thickness- For glass cutting with diamond the cutting blade thickness is 0, but for wood, metal handling you need a saw with a greater thickness.
  • Adjustable limit for breakable parts – No waste will have a size lower than this parameter and no 2 parallel cuts will be closer than this. It is used in order to avoid the breaking of too small material. Useful in glass industry.
  • Maximal cut length – it allows you to limit the length of the cuts that may be performed.
  • Adhesive labels – printing adhesive labels for each part.
  • Grouping of identical sheets – You can group/ungroup identical sheets with one click.
  • Grain direction control – useful for wood cutting optimisation. A parameter let the user to specify the grain for parts and stock.
  • Graphical display (black and white) of the obtained results – the results are displayed as images with text labels.
  • Save images – all the obtained 2D sheets can be saved as .png images with 1 click.
  • Grouping similar layouts – this will reduce the number of printed sheets of paper. The number of repetitions for each sheet will be displayed.
  • Printing the obtained layouts – on any printer.
  • XML Support. Loading and saving data (parts and stock) from/to *.xml.
  • Very fast running time – Solutions are obtained within seconds.
  • Win32 / MacOS native application. No dependencies required.
  • Single file application. You can move a single file to a new computer and it will run without installation.
  • Very efficient written. .exe has about 7 MB and the installation kit just over 2 MB.
  • Desktop application. You are in control of your data. You do not risk loosing data if some distant server fails. You can run the application without problems even if the internet is not working.
  • Interface in multiple languages.

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Title: Simple Cutting Software X 2020.02.24.0
Developer: Home Page
License: Shareware
Language: English
OS: Windows
– Official website does not supply any information about changes in this version

Download Simple Cutting Software X Full for PC

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