Scammed by indishare : Beware from this scam site [News]

Payment Scam Review:

We know there are many sites to make money by uploading files online. is one of them.


Many movie, music and software download based sites use Indishare for uploading their files and beside earn money.Long time ago me also haired it was a good file uploading site. They give fewer rates than other uploading site (Country D) but visitor can easily download from it. Because here need not to wait and give captcha for download files.

Now you think why this site marked as a scam site? ok. Let’s go to main part.

Scammed by indishare : Beware from this scam site SCAM

If you’ve been using the Internet, and specifically for uploading file for your blogging purpose, for any length of time, then by now you’re most likely aware of most of the common payment scams that exist online. It’s sound new that scammed by file uploading site, so if you aren’t familiar with them, then please take the time to read his thorough article.

Many scammers are very cunning, so being smart is NOT enough to protect yourself. Every day smart subscribers thank us saying they would have been scammed online.

1st indishare make good reputation by giving good service to uploaders and downloaders. But Now days they incresase their income by giving lot of ads. That time they don’t care about downloaders and giving samll rewards for uploaders.

Download From Indishare

My many friend site was used Indishare for files storage purpose. Once they reach the minimum payout value of $5, they apply for withdraw earned money by paypal. then indishare give notification that during some problem with paypal payout method, indishare will be paid next month. Next month when they ping for payment, Indishare told paypal option no longer working use different method like payza. It’s ok. They applay also from payza and when they ping to admin about their payment. Indishare suspended lots of accounts.


One reputed indian blogger account have 130$ and he lost his hard working money as well as storage files. That way they start scamming and i want to request to all blogger that please beware about that and if you already a indishare uploader then move to other trusted file sharing sites.

Have you ever been “taken in” by an Internet scam? Do you know of any other popular Internet fraud or scams that are floating around out there? Let readers know in the comments section below.

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This post was recently updated on December 11, 2021