RF1-System Notepad SX Pro 1.4.0 Activated

RF1-System Notepad SX Pro

RF1-System Notepad SX Pro is a simple to use application, featuring a multitude of text editing functions and allowing you to open several text tabs at the same time. It features a user-friendly interface and enables you to stylize the text with various fonts or colors. Moreover it is a suitable solution for reading large texts.
Simple to use text editor, several functions
• Notepad SX Pro is a reliable tool for anyone who wishes to quickly view, type or edit a piece of text. It features the common cut, copy, paste features and allows you to import several file formats (.TXT, .HTML, .XML, as well as programming script files).
• Moreover, the software supports opening a multitude of files containing programming language, such PHP, SQL, CSS, C, C++, Perl, Java and several others. It features automatic syntax highlighting functions and supports opening several files at the same time, thanks to the tabbed display.

Text editing and stylizing
• Notepad SX Pro allows you to change the text style, using its multiple tools: fonts, colors, background colorizing or pre-set templates. You may quickly change the selected words / sentences to upper or lower case, insert current date, time, as well as encode the text using ASCII characters.
• The program may insert random numbers at the location of the cursor, for encoding purposes, as well as remove blank lines or HTML / XML tags. The text can be converted from Latin to Cyrillic characters and vice-versa and the lines / strings / entire text may be reversed.

Text transformation tools
• Notepad SX Pro allows you to sort the lines in alphabetic order, ascending or descending, as well as transform the text by replacing certain characters with copyright symbols. Another important function is the text to voice transformation, which works best for English language texts. The program can easily import texts, but it can also export the lines to .TXT, .HTML or .ZIP formats. You may also preview HTML language in the browser as a webpage.


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