Remix OS 3.0.207 for PC (x86/x64) Full [Latest]

Remix OS

Remix OS When thinking about Android, chances are you do not associate the name with typical desktop operating systems. But this may very well change with the introduction of Remix OS. As it’s name clearly suggests, Remix OS is a cross-platform and Android-based operating system that runs most computers running an x86 chip.

Features of Remix OS 3

Unleash the full potential of Android on your computer
• If by now you are wondering why, the explanation is quite simple. There is quite a significant advantage of bringing Android to a desktop device: you can download and install apps from other external sources, without being limited to only one store.
• Another noteworthy thing is the fact that you can now get to experience Android on much more potent platforms than what phones can offer.

Take advantage of two booting modes
• The installation (booting) process is not a walk in the park, but it is not rocket-science either. In a few words, to run Remix OS, you will require a USB stick. Thanks to the technology behind Live USB, the OS runs directly from the external source and provides you with two booting-sequences: a Guest Mode and a Resident Mode.
• As expected, the Guest Mode enables you to test the functionality and all the features but does not save any changes once Remix OS is shut down. In contrast, Resident Mode is clearly the way to go if you plan on enjoying this OS for longer periods of time.

It’s like the Android on your phone, but with a taskbar
• While the familiar overall look and feel from Android phones are clearly present, the most noticeable difference is the fact that Remix OS features a taskbar. The functionality is very similar to what you are probably used to finding in later versions of Windows.
• Resizable windows, contextual menus via the right click, a “Jive menu” (similar to Windows’ Start Menu), icons and folders on the desktop, as well as a file explorer are all part of the experience provided by Remix OS.
• One feature that clearly reveals its mobile and touch-based roots is the cursor. While some users might hate its functionality right off the bat, with a bit of practice you can get about your business without many struggles. This said, the cursor’s functionality is definitely an area that is worth developing and improving.

A good starting point, but there’s still work to done
• However, don’t think it is all pink on the inside, as Remix OS is still in a very early development stage and some bugs might end up getting on your nerves. Another issue that should be addressed or at least mentioned is the that your overall experience with Remix OS might turn out to be dependent on the actual apps you plan on using.
• Getting passed the resolution problems, apps that are designed to only work on Android-based phones might feel cumbersome and slightly out of place, if not even unusable.

Android OS for desktop platforms in your pocket
• Sure, we all know that most computers come with pre-installed OSs, so it is quite difficult to find a substantial reason to prefer Remix OS over them. But, when it comes to older computers, Remix OS might actually provide a second chance and make the scrapyard seem a little bit farther away down the road.
• As an ending note, its low-resource consumption, portability and Android-based functionality are strong reasons to at least consider giving Remix OS a shot, especially if you have an older computer laying around.

Title: Remix OS v3.0.207 for PC
Developer: Jide Technology Co.
License: FreeWare
Language: English
OS: Windows 7/8/10.
• Added Verbose mode to save log files for easier debugging
• Updated Linux kernel to 4.4.30
• Added “Never sleep option” to be seen in languages other than English
• Fixed a bug there was an issue remembering the last selected system in your boot menu

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This post was recently updated on November 28, 2016