Random Word Generator version 18.1

Random Word Generator is a time-saving creativity aid that creates lists of random, artificial words.  Of course, anyone can come up with original words on their own.  The benefit of using Random Word Generator is that it will come up with thousands of words that you never would have thought of.
Key Features:
Random Word Generator uses a highly customizable word generating engine using statistics from over 300,000 English words to generate a high percentage of usable words.  The engine’s configuration can be saved in a “Project” file.
Random Word Generator can extrapolate random words from a given word.  For example, some extrapolations of “Internet” are:  Internot, Ispernet, Ingernet, Internec, Iphernet.  The deviance from the original word can be random or set to a specific value.
Weighted Randomness
The likelihood of a component being used in a random word is fully adjustable.  This allows for oddball components like “zz” that don’t appear often.  This feature greatly improves the percentage of usable words.
Form Restrictions
Generated words can be subject to certain restrictions, such as:
.making the third letter of all words “a”
.making all words end in a consonant
.making all words six characters long
.making all words begin with a certain prefix or suffix
Word components can be prevented from beginning or ending a word.  This prevents many unusable words, such as “mpodr”, without eliminating legitimate words such as “dromp”.
Additional Features
.Works with all versions of Windows速 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 2008, 7, 8, and 2012.
.The Gammadyne Spell Checking Module can be used to exclude real or artificial words from being generated.  Hence, Random Word Generator can generate a random list of actual English words.  On the Options tab, set the Dictionary Mode to “Allow only real words”.
.Generates lists of English words that match a wildcard filter.  For example, the filter “b?a*ty” would produce words such as “beauty”, “bratty”, and “bearability”.
.Generates a list of English words given a set of letters.
.Finds all anagrams of a given set of letters.
.The Anagram Finder tool also doubles as a word unscrambler.  Simply enter the letters and check the “Whole anagrams only” box.
.Generates random variations of a given word.
.The repetition of random words can be prevented.  The repetition of components can also be prevented.
.A list of random words can be generated to a file.
.A prefix and/or suffix can be added to each random word.
.Random words can be converted to all lower case, upper case, or title case.
.Generated words containing profanity can be automatically discarded.
.A minimum and/or maximum length can be imposed on generated words.
.For those who prefer a methodical approach, Random Word Generator can generate all possible combinations from a given format.
.An additional tool is provided that will generate all possible combinations of a sequence of characters.


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