Quick Image Resizer + Free

Quick Image Resizer + Free

Quick Image Resizer + Free

Modern digital cameras produce images with up to 6 times higher resolution than their ancestors. While the resolution is very important to photo-printers, such resolution can be a severe drawback for on-screen and Internet viewing.

This is why, before uploading your images to the Web or sending them via e-mail, you use your imaging software to reduce their size. There are two main disadvantages of this method. First, you need to do the same repetitive actions every time. Normally, you have to navigate to the folder containing images from your camera, then you need to select the images, set up resizing options, select a target folder, etc.

The second disadvantage is that when resizing your images you never know exactly what file size they will have after resizing. Photos with a lot of small details will be significantly bigger in size than simple images after resizing with the same level of JPEG Quality/Compression.

Quick Image Resizer offers an easy, yet very powerful technique of resizing your photos and upload them to the Web or send via e-mail.

A “Conversion scheme” is a set of user-defined resizing options. You can define several sets for different purposes. The most exciting feature of the resizing options is that you can select the desired resulting image file size.

The program will automatically choose a JPEG Quality/Compression level for each image to best fit the file size and dimensions that you’ve selected. An option to keep or remove the EXIF metadata has been added. Furthermore, Quick Image Resizer can automatically watermark your images or place a logo on them.


* Windows 8 compatibility update.

OS: Windows All


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