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Looking to ensure your computer’s memory is rock-solid? Enter MemTest86 Pro by PassMark. It’s like a health checkup for your PC’s memory, making sure it’s running smoothly without any hiccups. This software runs comprehensive tests to identify any issues, ensuring your system performs at its best. Easy to use and trusted by professionals, MemTest86 Pro is your go-to tool for diagnosing and fixing memory problems. Don’t let memory glitches slow you down – download MemTest86 Pro today from our website and keep your PC running smoothly!

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Features of PassMark MemTest86 Pro

Comprehensive Memory Testing:
MemTest86 Pro conducts extensive testing to identify any errors or issues with your computer’s RAM. It performs multiple test patterns and algorithms to thoroughly examine the memory modules.

Support for Multiple Platforms:
MemTest86 Pro is compatible with a wide range of computer systems, including x86 and x64 architectures. It can be used on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows, as well as Linux and macOS systems.

UEFI and Legacy BIOS Support:
The software provides support for both UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) and legacy BIOS (Basic Input/Output System) boot modes. This ensures compatibility with different system firmware types.

Advanced Configuration Options:
MemTest86 Pro offers a variety of configuration options to customize the testing process. Users can adjust parameters such as test duration, test pattern, and test iteration to suit their specific requirements.

Error Reporting and Analysis:
When errors are detected during the memory testing, MemTest86 Pro provides detailed error reports, including the memory address where the error occurred. This information helps users pinpoint and troubleshoot faulty memory modules.

USB and Network Boot Support:
The software supports booting from a USB drive or network, allowing you to run the memory tests without having to install an operating system on the target system. This makes it convenient for testing systems that don’t have an installed OS or have boot issues.

Test Automation and Batch Mode:
MemTest86 Pro includes a batch mode feature that allows you to automate the memory testing process. This is useful for system administrators or users who need to test multiple machines simultaneously.

PassMark MemTest86 supports all current technologies

  • 13 different RAM testing algorithms – including row hammer fault detection*
  • All RAM types supported (DDR2, DDR3, DDR4, SODIMM, XMP, ECC)
  • Self-booting off USB or Network (PXE)* boot, without needing DOS, Linux or Windows
  • Optimized for UEFI-based x86/ARM systems
  • Native 64-bit code (since version 5)
  • ECC error detection & injection*
  • Secure Boot verified – Code signed by Microsoft
  • Graphical interface with mouse input
  • Save logs and create customizable HTML reports
  • Full test automation via configuration file
  • Support for memory blacklisting in Windows (badmemorylist) and Linux (BADRAM)
  • Multi-language support (Chinese, German, Russian, Spanish & more)
File Name: PassMark MemTest86 Pro 11.0 Build 1000
Developer: Homepage
License: Shareware
Language: Multilingual
OS: Windows

Download PassMark MemTest86 Pro for Windows

PassMark MemTest86 Pro 11.0 Build 1000 | File Size: 23 MB
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PassMark MemTest86 Pro 10.7 Build 1000 ISO | File Size: 3 MB
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