O&O AutoBackup 2.5 Build 26

O&O; AutoBackup automatically backs up and synchronizes selected files and folders with an external backup device (USB Stick, external USB hard disk, FireWire volume) so that in the event of a data loss it can be accessed again immediately. No further application is needed – Windows Explorer alone will suffice. O&O; AutoBackup can backup files and folders quickly and automatically. For example, if a user wants to backup their photos and videos onto an external USB stick then O&O; AutoBackup not only copies the original files but also any future changes made to the files and/or directories. The backup process will start automatically whenever a removable device such as a USB Stick is connected to the computer. The files are copied exactly and put on the target disk so that they can also be accessed without O&O; AutoBackup using the normal Windows Explorer.
Automatic file synchronization
• Every time an external disk is connected to the computer O&O; AutoBackup checks whether there have been changes to the files or folders that are already on the external disk. A manual start is not required. The user can select the files, folders or even entire partitions they wish to backup using a clear and simple dialog window.
Backup options include:
• Full Backup: all data is copied to the external storage medium into a directory. This is always the first step in order to have a complete backup of all selected files.
• Backup of the changes: All changes and new data will be copied. A new file is written each time but the original file on the external media is not changed. Files that have been deleted on the source media are retained in the backup.
• Synchronization: All changes are implemented and deleted data will be removed from the destination media.
New and enhanced functions
• Advanced settings: Here the user can specify to which file the backup copy should be written, for example. Scheduling: Various options are available such as whether a backup should be carried out only with new connections, daily or weekly. Event Viewer: Logs the various activities carried out by O&O; AutoBackup.
NOTE: With O&O; AutoBackup you can backup your files and directories quickly and automatically. If you want to backup your entire computer – whether privately or in a company – then we recommend O&O; DiskImage, our comprehensive backup & recovery solution.
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