Okayfredom Vpn Download + 1 Year Premium Code

The service OkayFreedom makes access to websites that are regionally restricted accessible to you. So called geographical restrictions or country restrictions are appearing ever more frequently, and hamper the free access to the contents of the internet.
OkayFreedom VPN automatically selects the appropriate server, in order to make the restricted contents visible. You thus have fully automatic “freedom of the media” on the internet. In addition to this OkayFreedom VPN protects your privacy, because your IP-address cannot be determined.
How to get the key 
  1. First you need to go to the giveaway page
  2. Than you enter your email
  3. After you enter your email click on send button
  4. Than you need to go to your email
  5. Find the email that Okayfreedom send to you
  6. Get the code and enter it at your okayfreedom software
  7. And that’s all you have free 1 year premium


OS: Windows All

home page

499 KB


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This post was recently updated on June 22, 2015