Nuance TTS Voices 1.115 Premium for Speech2Go [Latest]

Nuance TTS Voices

Nuance TTS Voices

Nuance Vocalizer Expressive offers a wide portfolio of more than 40 languages and 70 voices, allowing you to create global solutions using a single engine. A broad range of options are offered in order to fit a great variety of applications and platforms: from 4MB to over 900MB depending on the voice, language and model. Supported platforms are Windows, .NET Framework, iOS, Android and Linux. If your platform is not listed please contact us for details. Code Factory will advice you to make the optimal voice model choice for your platform and your application to assure a great end user experience.

Features of Nuance TTS Voices

Amazing expressivity
• Highly expressive speech gives the voice personality for the most natural and engaging user experience possible.

Advanced multi-lingual support
• Accurate language identification and high-quality acoustic extensions provide unparalleled foreign language readout.

• Natural sounding human-like speech output guarantees an exceptional end user listening experience.

Built-in domain intelligence
• Optimization settings provide extra control options for special use cases such as SMS reading.

Flexible speech generation
• Volume and speaking rate can be changed at run time for more dynamic and lively effects.

Direct phonetic input
• Allows for optimal and seamless read out of off-line phonetic databases such as navigation map data.

User text rules
• Customized read out of application specific abbreviations and text pattern is possible using a user text processing rule set.

User dictionaries
• Application specific lexica can be phonetically optimized for accurate readout of exceptional pronunciations.

Prompt tuning
• With offline tuning options any prompt set can be further optimized and customized for maximum flexibility.

Seamless prompt insertion
• Recorded audio prompts or tuned prompts can be blended with dynamic text to speech seamlessly by active prompt matching.

• A truly universal voice portfolio offers more than 40 languages and 70 voices to facilitate the creation of global solutions using a single engine.

• High linguistic accuracy offers correct readout of all types of text input including a large dictionary of person names.

• A wide range of footprints from 2MB to 900MB ensures optimal performance on embedded platforms from very small mobile devices to powerful multi-media systems.

Title: Nuance TTS Voices v1.115 Premium for Speech2Go
Developer: Home Page
License: ShareWare
Language: English
OS: Windows
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Download Nuance TTS Voices 1.115 (345 MB) :
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