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NoScript is an extension for Mozilla Firefox, designed to prevent JavaScript and Flash scripts from being executed by your browser. This tool can bring extra protection to your browser by blocking clickjacking and other potential threats.

Non-intrusive Firefox add-on
• You are not bothered by warning messages since the extension works in the background and stops the scripts that can be dangerous for your computer. You can configure the extension to display a short report with the blocked scripts in the add-on toolbar. If you would like to be notified when a script is blocked, then you can enable the audio feed back.

Manage permissions by creating lists
• It is possible to select the websites you do not want to be affected by restrictions by adding them to a whitelist. It is a very easy to import a list of domains from a text file and you can also export the list if you want to back up the information. All privileges can be revoked if you want to be notified about all blocked items.
• The types of scripts can be allowed or blocked from the “Options” window. If you are on a webpage and there are some important functions disabled by the extension, then it is possible to unblock the script temporarily with just a few clicks.

Trust or untrust websites, and other advanced settings
• Some restrictions, such as blocking incoming objects, can be applied even to domains on the whitelist. If you have doubts about a certain website, then it can be marked as untrusted and subjected to additional restrictions.
• Advanced users can limit untrusted websites in order to increase the extension’s efficiency. You can use this section to create Anti-XSS (cross-site scripting) protection exceptions or to use external filters to check the webpage.

• Overall, the extension is a very useful tool that allows you to browse the Internet with less interference from malicious scripts. It is mostly designed for experienced users, though.

• Exclusive protection against DNS-rebinding attacks targeted to routers, including WAN IP variants.
• Several new Anti-anti-adblocker Surrogate Scripts to prevent pages from breaking when ads are disabled.
• NoScript 1.10.x is the last serie supporting Firefox 2.0 and older browsers. It will be updated only if affected by serious security vulnerabilities (very unlikely). This will allow the upcoming NoScript 2.x series to be developed faster and better, by removing legacy compatibility code and fully leveraging the latest APIs and language features. li>Increased ClearClick accuracy on very complex nested pages.
• Built-in ABE ruleset editor.
• Better Surrogate Scripts error management and new built-in surrogates to securify AMO add-ons installation against MITM attacks and improve Google search experience when scripts are disabled.
• Faster and more compatible anti-XSS protection.
• Full protection against Aviv Raff’s scriptless tabnagging variant, by blocking refreshes triggered on unfocused untrusted tabs. See the changelog for more details.
• Important ABE enhancements: same domain origin matching (SELF+), same base domain origin matching (SELF++) and INCLUSION pseudo-method for fine-grained subrequests matching, see the updated ABE rules specification for details.
• Experimental external filters for plugin content (e.g. Blitzableiter to sanitize Flash applets). It requires Firefox 3.5 and above, and it can be configured from the new NoScript Options|Advanced|External Filters panel. To activate the built-in Blitzableiter support you need to enable filters, download Blitzableiter binaries and tell NoScript where the executable is. Please notice that Blitzableiter is in its early development stages, and it breaks a lot of Flash content.
• Improved and updated Firefox Mobile (Fennec) support: NoScript’s UI has been moved inside the location bar, and options have been simplified down to 4 preset configurations (you can still perform fine-grained cofiguration in about:config or via Weave Sync).
• The long awaited pluggable site info page, can be opened by middle-clicking or shift+clicking on any site entry in NoScript’s menus.
• Enhanced usability of universal Flash blocking.
• Improved HTTPS enforcing.
• Strict Transport Security support.
• New Import/Export buttons in the NoScript Options dialog, backup the whole NoScript configuration in a single JSON file, as a disconnected alternative to the Weave/XMark synchronization functionality (Fx 3 and above).

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OS: Windows XP / Vista / Vista 64 bit / 7 / 7 64 bit / 8 / 8 64 bit / 2003 / 2008

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